3 Applications Every New Parent Needs and Why

3 Applications Every New Parent Needs and Why

Welcome to parenthood in the digital age- there are apps for just about everything parenting related to keep you on track and up to speed with all things mommy and daddy-hood. But are they really all that helpful? There are some out there that can make life harder than it has to be, so getting the ones that actually help is imperative. These three apps are helpful for first time parents and seasoned pros, alike.

Mom Maps

If you’re a first-time parent you may not have experienced this just yet, but it’s coming. You go to a restaurant only to be uncomfortable the whole time because it isn’t kid-friendly. You can’t find a good place for your kids to play indoors on rainy days. On long trips you just want a break, but you don’t know what hotels are safe and a god place for your little ones. That’s where Mom Maps, a free app that offers a list of more than 28,000 business photos, reviews, and even directions to these places, can come in handy. Search for your needs by category or zip code to find family oriented playgrounds, restaurants, museums, hotels, and more. You can check it while on the go, on vacation, or before you even leave the house to have travel agent knowledge in your pocket. 

Remember the Milk

It never fails- you get to the store and you’ve forgotten your shopping list at home. No big deal, right? You can just wing it- until you get home and you’ve forgotten the milk! End the insanity and get Remember the Milk, a free app that puts your list on your phone where it is easily reached. It’s a to-do list, a shopping list, and a calendar all in one to keep you on track at all times. If your spouse does the shopping, too, sync up with his or her phone and delegate some duties and share shopping lists.  You can even have it set to send text or email reminders so you don’t forget anything.

Pocket First Aid and CPR

 This free app from the American Heart Association includes 34 videos, 46 illustrations and a section to update and store your personal and enhanced medical profile. You will have information on adult and infant choking and CPR strategies, as well as basic medical information. If you have ever been a little worried about the medical well-being of your child, this app can do wonders to ease your mind.

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