Drew Barrymore: I Will Not Let My Daughter Pose For Playboy

Pregnant Drew Barrymore Glows at the Golden Globes

Is it possible to be proud of the “mistakes” one commited without allowing others, namely our children, to commit them for themselves? Drew Barrymore answers in the affirmative. She believes that the path which brought her to here-and-now is unique to her, it’s what defines her as a person. The actress expanded on the issue when asked by Amy Robach of ABC News about whether she has regrets or not:

“No(I don’t have any regrets). I celebrate that I had any sense of freedoms at a certain point, because I don’t feel like that now,” said the 38-year-old actress. “I love the very exposed, humorous, imperfect, never trying to pretend to be perfect journey that I have been on in my life.” “What if Olive comes to you at 18 or 19 and says, ‘Mom, I want to pose for Playboy?'” asked Robach. “I would not let her,” replied the actress. “I don’t think I would. I would influence her not to, because my life choices are supposed to be the gateway to somebody else’s. That’s my journey.”

Barrymore might of had flashbacks of the dysfunctionality that she had to grow through as a child and all through the young years of her adult life. She check in to rehab when she was just 13, had to emancipate herself from her crazy parents at 15 and posed for Playboy at 19. But the real problem is what exactly is Drew going to do if her daughter does want to pose nude? I mean it will only be natural for her daughter to ask questions about this issue later on. The best she can do is make sure she doesn’t make the same mistakes her parents(or ex-parents) and instill the proper values from a young age. Still, the actress who’s going to appear alongside Adam Sandler in Blended, does not have any regrets about her choices:

“I have no regrets in my life whatsoever,” affirmed the actress. “I’m psyched about it all. I’m just in such a different mind frame. I’m in mom mode now.”

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