The Three P’s of Power Parenting: Purpose, Patience, Persistence

Parents with Child

Parent’s aren’t Super Woman or Man, but with the three P’s of parenting, they can become powerful with the right super strengths.

Let’s face it, as parent’s we wear many capes and try to do it all. But we’re not super parent’s, we’re only human. Parent’s make human mistakes, but if you have the right super strengths, you can become a power parent.

The first super strength you’ll need to become a power parent is purpose. Purpose gives you direction. And direction gives you focus. When you become a parent and tend to aim in the wrong direction, you’ll lose your way. You’ll wander throughout parenthood aimlessly.

As a parent you need direction and focus. You need to be prepared with a purpose.  You’re purpose is to raise your child to the best of your ability. You don’t have to have super powers, but you do need purpose. You were entrusted with a child and from the beginning, your purpose was to take care of  he or she. Your purpose as a parent is to take care of, safeguard, and guide your child throughout their live.

Parent with purpose so you can be a power parent.  Have direction and focus so you don’t lose your way.

The second parenting strength you’ll need is patience. Patience is a virtue, but also a very much needed parenting strength. You’re child will test your patience many times over.  How you handle those trying situations determines what type of parent you are or will become. Of course, because you’re human you will probably lose your temper. But if you practice patience daily, you’ll gain parenting power. Remember, your child can pick up on your weaknesses and use them to their advantage. It’s like kryptonite. The more he or she aggravates, the more your patience wears thin and eventually you lose it.

Practice patience daily. The best ways are to walk away in a stressful situation, count to ten, and breathe.

The third super strength you will need as a power parent is persistence. Persistence goes a long way in power parenting. Without it, you can become a weak parent. You can give in and give up. Parent’s have to be persistent in every aspect of parenting. Kids pick up on any weakness you show and once they do, the parent become the weak link. Persistence is your super strength in raising your child. Don’t falter or waiver. Set boundaries and rules. You need them as much as your child. It helps you become a power parent.

There are no capes or super heroes in parenting, but if you use the super P’s of power parenting, you can become a super parent.