Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Baby Number 2

Jenelle Evans Shops Instead of Saving Money for Custody Attorney To Get Her Son Jace Back

I guess what they say about pregnancies being on the rise around the time of the holidays has more than an ounce of truth to it, even in the celebrity/reality universe. If stars aren’t announcing their pregnancies, they instead announce their wish to become pregnant. Something fuzzy’s going on around the holiday times I tell you.

Star of season 2 of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is most definitely expecting a second child. It has been confirmed by numerous sources so it has to be true. Evans is already the mother to Jace, 4, from her previous relationship with Andrew Lewis. Even though she is only 21, Evans doesn not have custody of her son as that responsibility is laid on the shoulders of her mother, Barbara. She most definitely was not ready for such a big commitment when she was only 17 and still stuck in high school. Now that she’s a little older, and has gone through the experience already, common sense says that she be much better able to handle a pregnancy, the subsequent birth as well as parenthood with much more maturity. After all she knows what she did wrong the first – she should be better able to judge her position and make the appropriate decisions regarding her upcoming baby.

The father-to-be is Nathan Griffith, a part-time underwear model. They have been dating for for a couple of months and have been in the limelight just recently for supposedly trying to have sex in a moving car which ultimately led to Griffith getting slapped with a DUI.

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