Blue Ivy Appears In Beyonce’s “Blue”

Beyonce shocked the world when she released her eponymous new album Friday at midnight. Shock is really an understatement as she kept the release under complete wraps so that it got absolutely no publicity whatsoever before release. People knew she was filming videos for the possibility of a new album but no one knew where or how this major bomb was gonna drop. Well, it did and the resounding explosion seems to have been a roaring success: people still can’t believe that she released an album in complete surprise! It’s a kind of new way of marketing but not just anyone would have been able to pull it off. Not just everyone is Beyonce. The clout she has these days is quite unparalleled.

The idea behind her dropping a new album through her exclusive deal with iTunes is to kind of create a marketing after the fact. Drop the album, shock the world, media outlets around the world can pretend to be absolutely flabbergasted by the action, people buy the record the see exactly what all the fuss is about. And to be honest, in today’s world of over-advertising where people have evolved to naturally tune out a lot of commercials – because we just get THAT many of them – this just might work. And of course Beyonce will go down in history as a music industry innovator, being the first one to adopt a new way of releasing albums and so on and so forth.

In the 30-seconds preview of the video to the song Blue  featuring Blue Ivy we see clips of Beyonce holding Blue Ivy as well as shots of what most likely are the favelas or Rio de Janeiro as well the world famous Ipanema beach.A bunch of Brazilian kids are seen running around and enjoying life. The smooth beat enhances the overall positive feel of the video which seems to be about enjoying life with her baby as well her family, or more generally just living life.

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