Snooki Offers Up Baby Advice to Kate Middleton – What Would Your Advice Be?

Snooki Offers Up Baby Advice to Kate Middleton - What Would Your Advice Be?

It seems like everyone is on Royal baby watch right now. The media is already camped out waiting for any sign that Kate Middleton might be in labor. Everyone loves the excitement of a new baby and a royal heir takes that to a completely different level.  Kate and Prince William’s baby will make everyone forget about the reality whore and her rapper baby daddy that just delivered a few weeks ago too.

Strip away the castle, money and endless fashion possibilities and Kate, at root is a nervous first time mom to be, probably soaking up every bit of advice that she can find. Fellow new first time mom, Nicole Snooki Polizzi has written a letter to the Duchess dolling out advice here and there.She suggests that music is the best baby soother around and also warns Kate that what seems cute on day one won’t be so cute a few weeks in to the adventure of motherhood. Snooki loved the idea of getting up with her baby in the middle of the night. That notion wore off really fast once the exhaustion of having an infant set in.  Snooki also wisely advises new moms to talk to other mothers for solid advice. Chances are you’ll find a friend that has dealt with whatever you are going through and their words of wisdom may help.

What is the best baby advice you were ever given? Better yet, what would you say to new moms that are absolutely clueless about to cope with those first days of motherhood when everything is brand new and super overwhelming? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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