Amy Adams Enjoys The Sun While Protecting Herself From Its Rays

Exclusive... Amy Adams & Family Enjoy A Day At The Beach

Amy Adams and her husband Darren Le Gallo took their daughter Aviana to the beach in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday (June 8).

The American Hustle actress dressed in boho top and cut off jeans. She appeared very conscious of the suns harmful rays while wearing a hat to cover her face and making sure to cover her daughter with sunscreen.Adams who is known to be well-mannered recently joked she wished she could be a diva sometimes.

“I’d love to be a diva. But then I’d have to send so many apology notes for my abhorrent behavior. I’m polite. I believe in manners. I say please and thank you,” she laughed.

She admits her daughter shares her personality.

 “It’s funny. She’s a bit like, ‘Why is everybody smiling at me?’ and I’m like, ‘You make them happy’, and she’s like, ‘Can you tell them to stop?'”

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet