Spa Day: Mommy Gets a Day Off


Daddy spent the day at the zoo with baby while mommy got pampered at the Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles spa. Can I just start off by saying that the Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles spa is AH-MAZING! I had a special lemon drop body treatment and it was pure citrus bliss.

I felt a little out of place when I walked through the doors. It was my first time at a fancy spa like the Ritz Carlton, let alone the first time getting a body scrub. After getting a tour of the spa, the attendant gave me a locker and a plush robe. I seriously could have lived in the “waiting” area; soft, cushy chairs, a steam room, multiple sinks and mirrors with mouth wash, lotion, razors, combs, flat irons, hair dryers. I enjoyed a little time in the steam room before my lemon drop body scrub treatment. I left with my skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing. After a week of cleaning up poopy diapers, it was definitely nice to spend the day relaxing and getting pampered.

Meanwhile, daddy and baby were spending a fun day at the zoo. I packed the essentials hat, sunscreen (YAY! He can finally wear sunscreen!), Happy Puffs Sweet Potato snacks (his favorite!), his Philips Avent Soothie and spout cup. I seriously I need to bring his spout cup everywhere…he loves that thing so much! He especially loves it with ice water. I’m not sure if it is because I liked ice, cold water when I was pregnant but he loves drinking cold water. He hasn’t started signing yet but we’ve been doing the sign for cup every time we give it to him and he looks like he is starting to understand which is pretty neat. Dad said they sat and watched the flamingos for a bit then went to check out the elephants, jaguar, giraffes and chimpanzees. Baby C’s favorites are still the flamingos and chimpanzees!

All and all a great day for the entire family – dad and baby got to spend some QT and mommy got to relax for the day!

About CJ –  A Celeb Baby Laundry Contributing Author: I was born and raised in Hawaii, I moved to Los Angeles seven years ago. I met my husband playing co-ed softball and we got married two years ago. We have two sweet dogs and welcomed our first child in November 2012. We love outdoor activities, traveling and spending time with our family and friends.

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