Staying Healthy When the Kids are Sick

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We all know that mom’s don’t get sick days, why can’t the laundry not feeling like being done when it’s under the weather?! My kids currently have a lovely little sniffle and runny eyes.. oh and a cough. So to keep this mom train going I need to take the necessary steps!

First off, WASH HANDS. This would seem like a no brainer but when someone has the sniffles the best way to help keep them from spreading is washing. We use hand sanitizer when needed. It’s an easy quick option when washing might not be. It’s also easy to use on my kids (obviously use under parent supervision!). I find with my kids it’s easy if I squirt it into my hands and rub it onto theirs. Keeps it from being messy too! On top of washing, practice good cold hygiene. Encourage sneezing into elbows or rags or at least covering the mouth for those littler ones. Using things like antibacterial soaps and wipes are great too. Lysol is our best friend during cold season. Make sure to wipe and wash areas that wouldn’t normally be thought of: door handles, fridge handle, toilet seats and handles, toys, phones and anything that gets constant touch. Keep sharing cups to a minimum at all times to help not spread germs.

Bump up those vitamins. If you can’t get a multivitamin in increase your fruits and veggies. Keep those natural sources of vitamins coming! Encourage kids to take a multivitamin. Always consult a doctor prior to starting your child on a vitamin and pick one that is appropriate for their age and weight. Multivitamins are best taken year round to help protect all the time. Make sure to keep up the fluids and take your vitamins according to the directions. Don’t forget to get a little sunshine. Even if the vitamin D doesn’t do anything for the ickies it’ll brighten your day!

Avoid contact. Now, let me explain before you jump down my throat. The easiest way to spread germs is touchy feely contact..and naturally sick kids just want mom. Keep this in mind, 24 hours of kisses on the cheek or 24 hours of feeling like warm dog poppy but having to keep up with all your mom duties. Try to keep snuggles to a minimum. Make sure that all snuggle blankets and bedding is washed asap! Germs are rubbed all over the bedding during sleep and once that cold has finally passed, still sleeping on dirty linens will only encourage that cold to keep up! And of course, be respectful enough to avoid play dates and school when your kids are sick. Being sick, their immune system is already compromised so exposing them to more germs is only going to prolong the healing process!

There is no cure for the viral cold, nor any medicine to fix it. Keeping yourself healthy year round and making sure you taken precautions to keep your exposure to germs at a minimum will help ensure that you get through cold and flu season as healthy as possible.

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