The Fertility Code Gives Unexpected Suggestions on Getting Pregnant

The Fertility Code Gives Unexpected Suggestions on Getting Pregnant

Oh boy. How many of us have decided to try for a baby and thought that one of the best things that we could do before hand was to get our bodies into tip top shape?  I know amongst my friends, those trying to conceive began eating healthier and hitting the gym more regularly and ya know what, they usually struggled to conceive in spite of thinking that they were doing everything right!

According to Demott O’Connor, author of The Fertility Code, studies have shown that women who are super fit actually have less of a chance of getting pregnant!  According to a Harvard study either very light exercise or none at all can significantly increase your chance of conceiving. Perhaps this is why we watched Kate Middleton swap out those heavy duty work outs last year for lots of walking with her dog.

Or how about Jennifer Aniston? She is always surrounded by a sea of “Is she/Isn’t she?” questions. Perhaps she has read the statistics and is giving her body a break to boost her baby chances as well. It worked for Kate!

Have you struggled to have a baby yourself? Are you a gym rat or were you guided by your doctor at all when it came to how much you actually should work out and what was too much? If you do have baby fever and it’s taking a bit longer than you expected to be eating for two, then perhaps The Fertility Code might be a good read to check out.

Do you believe that too much exercise can be a bad thing for a woman trying to conceive? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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