Mariah Carey Is A Normal Mom, She Even Changes Diapers!

Mariah Carey Is A Normal Mom, She Even Changes Diapers!

We’re all used to seeing Mariah Carey all glitzed out. It seems like every time she sets foot out doors it’s intended to be a public photo opportunity. There’s never a hair out of place and the starlet is perfectly groomed. She’s also rumored to be one heck of a diva, making ridiculous demands and insisting that she be treated slightly better than those around her.

Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon is telling a different story to In Touch magazine. According to him, his wife may be high maintenance when she goes out but at home they are a very normal couple. She changes her twins diapers and loves to cook for the family. Nick claims that Linguine with clams is her specialty dish and that more than anything else the two just like to hang out together at home.

Nick also says Mariah is a normal wife in that she’s always on him to fix household stuff and to change light bulbs. Betcha’ he takes out the trash too! Can you imagine these two spending low key nights together at home? They aren’t photographed out every night of the week so my hunch is that they’ve settled into domesticity with their babies and when they aren’t at work, life probably is pretty normal. Mariah and Nick seemed an odd pairing to me at first but now I tend to think that they’ve settled into the real deal.

Are you a fan of theirs? How do you think that their marriage will ultimately hold up under the glare of Hollywood? Have you caught Mariah on American Idol? How do you think she’s doing in her new judging gig? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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