Keeping the Mom Car Clean

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So if your car is anything like mine, it’s a plethora of child items and there is no end in sight. I always tell myself, okay once I get it clean it’s going to stay clean and yeah, that doesn’t happen! Well, I just got a ‘new to me’ car this past week and this time, I’m going to start with some basic organization and keep it going!

In my back seat, we have two car seats on each end so the middle seat is open. I’m starting with a great storage box between the seats for starters. I picked up one of those cheapy cloth boxes ; you can find these just about anywhere from about 5-8 bucks! Mine happen to come with a piece that goes in the bottom of the box to keep it tight, but I used it in a different way. I actually took that piece and put it in the middle of the box, giving me two compartments in the box. My daughters car approved toys go on one side and my sons car approved car toys go on the other side.

I hate carrying around a diaper bag, they’re so clunky and just a total pain in the butt. So, I came up with another storage method. I took a soft shoe holder and actually cut it down to fit the length of my back seat. The shoe rack was too long and every ones back seat is different (also this idea won’t work in cars unless they have a hatch back, but you can hang it from your front seats if you need to!). My husband then helped me to bend the metal hooks (that go over the back of the door) to latch onto the metal bars of the headrests. We just lifted the head rest slightly and then hooked them around the metal! It’s out of the way and organized! I have all my essentials in the pockets and keeps them from rolling around the back of the car.

Car seats are the easiest way to trash the back seat of a car! There are barriers that you can put under the car seat to help but they can get a little pricey. I fixed the problem with a quick trip to my local fabric store. I ended up taking a cheap felt fabric in the matching color of my interior and just laid it under the car seat before I attached it. It was cheap and works and it is very easy wash.

I hate grocery shopping. By the time I get home I’ve got groceries all over the back of my car. Frustrating. Simple & cheap fix: cardboard boxes! Keep a few nice ones in the back trunk of your car and life is good! The best ones I’ve found are the boxes that hold computer paper. If you want something a little nice, try plastic milk crates. That’s what I have. I picked up a few black ones and my husband attached them together with black zip ties. Very simple but super effective, no more groceries all over the back of the car! I also use these containers for road trips and things of that nature to keep our road trip essentials easily accessible.

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