Unplug the Family

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This might come as a shock to you, but I challenge you to ‘unplug’. In light of the horrible school shooting in Connecticut this past Friday, I’m calling all parents to re-evaluate the time they spend with their children because unfortunately we just don’t know when they’ll be gone. Chances are none of us mean to (me included) but we we’re all guilty of it to some extent. We all at some point, spend too much time ‘plugged in’ and not enough time unplugged. In the world of technology we are accustomed to needing our cell phone/computer/tablet. As an ex-military wife I personally understand just how critical those items can be; my husband and I grew our marriage and he watched our kids grow via being plugged in. So I urge you in a personal challenge. Take a step back from the internet and the other stuff and spend just that much more time with your children.

I can’t tell you personally, how many times I’ve asked my kids to “wait” or “in a minute”.. Obviously as parents we can’t jump when our kids beckon but the message I’m sending you today is to cherish everything your kiddos bring to your day.  I’m taking the ‘unplugged’ challenge. I am spending time on my computer and cell phone for work related things ONLY and then as soon as my work is finished, I turn it off. I have my cell phone on, but all my internet connects are off so I’m not ‘tempted’ to just check facebook once or twice.. or three times.

I’m going to check back in with you all on Wednesday and see how your Monday Unplug went. Even if your kiddos are too young to appreciate the unplug challenge, do something productive. Read a book, clean a closet, organize those shoes, work out. Take it old school for a day (what in the world did we do in the 80’s with no ‘technology’?!). At the same time, unplug your kids. Turn off the TV, take away the electronic games. Encourage them to get off their tushies and be active (which I know is hard in the winter when your possibly stuck inside!). Unplug the whole family. Play a game tonight with the family after dinner, no TV shows to unwind. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed in the family time!

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