Tori Spelling Wants To Adopt In The Future

Tori Spelling Wants To Adopt In The Future

It looks like Tori is going for a bakers dozen.  Tori Spelling who has four children with her husband Dean McDermott is considering adopting in the future.  Tori just gave birth to her forth child in August and says the baby factory has shut down.  But, Tori wants a bigger family and is adoption may be the way she will add to her brood.

Tori said, ”I never say never but I think this is our last. I want to focus on the kids I have now and I don’t want to spread myself too thin.  ”I’ve had C-sections with each baby. It puts the body through trauma. I don’t think I could do it again.  ”[But] I’m all for adoption. It’s such an amazing blessing and we would totally do it. 

”My friends adopted my goddaughter Simone who’s two and having seen the process through their eyes, I’m definitely a believer.”

Tori also said that unlike other celebs who go oversees to adopt, she would adopt a child who need a home from the US.  She told In Touch, “‘I think we’d probably try to adopt from the US. I know a lot of people go outside the country and that’s great but there are plenty of kids here that could use our help and support.”

Image credit: FAMEFLYNET