Hilary Duff: Life As a Mom Is “Wonderful”

Hilary Duff and son Luca stop by a mall to do a bit of shopping in Sherman Oaks, California on August 25, 2012. Afterwards they stop by a farmers market to pick up some groceries in Beverly Hills

Hilary Duff is loving life with her  5-month-old son Luca.  “It’s really wonderful,” the actress told about being a mom while celebrating Mindy Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project, hosted by Vitamin Water at Sky Bar in Los Angeles.

“He’s getting his first teeth and he’s rolling over like a maniac. Now I have to keep an eye on him, otherwise he’ll roll right off the mat I have him on. I [say], ‘You’re a maniac! You’re just ready to go!’ It’s just fun. Its’ really the best ever. I’m so happy.”

Duff and husband Mike Comrie are also getting more comfortable taking him out of the house.

“In the beginning it’s a little scary,” the first-time mom explained.  “But today, my husband was with his friends all day, so I got alone time with the baby. We went to the farmers market and we went to go get breakfast. I feel comfortable taking him anywhere now. And he’s been traveling like crazy. We went to New York and we went to Napa. He travels really well, so were trying to get him used to that.”

Duff admits she looks to her own mom for advice about raising Luca.

“She’s just very supportive and tells me to enjoy it. It’s going by so fast,” the mom shared. “Literally, he started getting a tooth a week ago and now it’s almost fully in. It happens so fast and she’s just like, “Hilary, everything that you worry about,” — because I’ll tell her, ‘Uhh! It’s so hard to lose weight. It’s so hard to do this, to do that” — she [says], ‘This is all temporary. This time goes by so fast, you have to just be immersed in it.'”

Image credit: Fame/Flynet Pictures