The Jackson Family Drama…….Continues!!

The Jackson Family Drama…….Continues!!

Please say it ain’t so that we have yet another Jackson family feud brewing.  According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it has been all out war at the Jackson’s compound in Calabasas.   Really, it is okay if the sisters and brothers want to pull each other’s hair out.  Hey sisters and brothers have been going at it for centuries.

Of course that does not make it right, but it happens.  Neither should it matter if Katherine Jackson goes AWOL or takes a much needed vacation in Arizona.  She is 82 years old already, give her a break.

The real surprise is that she did not get a one-way ticket to Antarctica after leaving Paris, Prince, and Blanket in the care of a trusted family member so she can get as far away from this drama as possible.    Somehow none of this matters as much as the tweets that Paris shared and the text that Prince posted.   They expressed their concerns about their grandmother, Katherine, and how she was treated.

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this matter such as why did Paris and Prince feel the need to take it public?  Are there anymore bombshell revelations forthcoming?  Will Paris, Prince, and Blanket be writing a book?  Okay that might be a premature question, but the fact that they went public with these tweets and text begs the question that there are some underlying issues that are not being discussed.  There seem to be some lost communication and/or respect between the children and their aunts and uncles.

Do you think that this respect can be regained after it is lost or will the Jackson family drama simply continue?

 Image credit: KM/FAMEFLYNET