Huh? Dennis Rodman Is Writing A Children’s Book

Huh? Dennis Rodman Is Writing A Children's Book

In the strangest news I have heard all day, it seems that Dennis Rodman famous for his  piercings,  tattoos and outrageous behavior is writing a children’s book.  The book will be called “Dennis The Wild Bull” and expect to see it in bookstores by the end of 2012.

According to Dennis’ website for the book, “He’s written a children’s book which he’s dedicating to his children, with the intent to relay a positive message to our countries youth and to his own children.  Rodman has teamed up with Author/screenwriter Dustin Warburton and illustrator Dan Monroe with the sole purpose of conveying good lessons to children based on Dennis’s own experiences as a world class athlete while overcoming obstacles as a child.”

If you must have a copy  you can get a signed book by Dennis for $30.00 USD plus $3.00 S&H.

What do you think about Dennis writing a children’s book?  Will you be running out to buy a copy?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!