Baby Blowouts: How To Deal?!

Baby blow outs are ruling my life right now. I swear, my little guy has at least one a day! And I’m talking full out blow out – outfit and anything he was touching goes in the wash immediately.

Today was no exception. Just as hubby got breakfast out (he was home and trying to be sweet by making a nice breakfast of eggs, toast, banana and COFFEE) my little guy had the worst blow out to date! He started fussing in his swing and I went to pick him up, felt he was wet and immediately, I knew it was going to be bad. Very bad. It was all the way up his back – IN his hair! It soaked through to the swing and all through the straps. I got him cleaned up, tossed the outfit in the trash (there was NO hope) and immediately got the swing lamb cushion in the wash. Hopefully I was able to save it before it stained.

It has gotten to a point where I just throw him in a dark cheap onsie or T-shirt until he blows out, then he gets dress for the day in his cute outfit. Seems like he saves it for when we have no time – like on the way to a friends baby shower last week, which of course we were already running late for. So we finally get on the road and not five minutes into our forty five minute drive, “bwwwwwwwwaaaamp!!!” NO!! Everywhere, in his seat, down the legs, up his back. Uggh. He needs a body diaper!

You can only laugh at it. These times fly, it was just yesterday I was going through this with my now two year old. Now he is potty training.

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