Kelly Preston Still Breastfeeding Son

Kelly Preston Still Breastfeeding Son

Kelly Preston is not looking forward to weaning her son at all.  The actress and husband John Travolta, welcomed baby Benjamin in November 2010.  Preston recently spoke to People about nursing her son:

“When I stop, it’s really going to be hard on me.  I love nursing so much.  I love the closeness and knowing that I’m giving him the best as far as nutrients and antibodies.  And he really loves it too.”

Preston says that at sixteen months old Ben is still not on a set schedule and nurses a few times at night and then four or five times during the day.  He also has developed quite an appetite for real food.  Preston cites filet mignon, scallops and organic vegetables as some of his favorite food choices.

Did you breastfeed your baby?  At what age do you think a mother should begin weaning her child?

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