Hilary Duff Doesn’t Miss Pregnancy

Hilary Duff Steps Out For First Time Since Having Her BabyHilary Duff who just gave birth to son Luca Cruz insists she doesn’t miss being pregnant.

“To be totally honest, I had a really easy pregnancy and I did enjoy a lot of it. But a part of me isn’t like those women who love being pregnant. I love my baby and I miss that feeling of being attached to him when he’s kicking, but I was so ready to not be pregnant,” she said.

“But then again, my sister [Haylie Duff] and I are very close so I want Luca to have someone close [to his age] — but not too close!”

The singer admits she you only realize what love is when you have a child.

“I felt my heart grew the second I met him. Everybody always talks about it, about how you don’t know love until you meet your baby, and you really feel that,” she added.

“There are no words. It was a really wonderful surprise. And there is no way to prepare yourself for the sleep deprivation and what comes with it.”