Jessica Alba Is More Relaxed With Her Second Child

Jessica Alba admits she her parenting approach is more relaxed and less irrational with her second child.

“I feel like most of my irrational, overprotective, and weary new mom behavior evolved into a more easygoing, laid-back approach with my second child,” Alba writes in a blog post for iVillage.

“I’ve never been a true ‘helicopter parent,’ but I’ve definitely stayed awake for endless hours doing research on everything I could do wrong.”

But by obsessing about her kids’ well-being, the actress says she realized,

“I often made more mistakes trying not to make any mistakes.”

 “With Haven…I’m more relaxed. I try not to let every cough or bump on the head freak me out because Honor made it through infancy in one piece, and I trust Haven will too,” she added.

Alba says she’s a much happier person–and a better wife and mom.

“This calm attitude has definitely made adjusting to life with two kids easier and more fun,” the actress admits. “It may feel impossible trying to juggle it all, so don’t hold yourself to the unrealistic standards of being a supermom.

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