Getting Ready For Baby #2

Today was the last of my two week appointments, my due date is creeping up and I do not feel prepared at all. It is spring break so the whole family is home and I had put everything off to do this week. I work well under pressure, but I can’t say the same for the rest of my family.

There is baby stiff everywhere! We have things to assemble, rooms to rearrange, laundry and organizing to do and only four days left to get it done! If it is not done by the time Monday rolls around I will be officially FREAKING.

Oh, yea and I still have to pack my birthing bag and any stuff for my family who will be in attendance at the birth center. The nesting instinct is in full force and I need it to be done.

I have everything sorted out and I know what we need to do broken down in my head. The biggest project will be expanding the playroom into the dining room. We co sleep and I was going to turn our office into a room for the boys, but it seems so unpractical. We spend all of our time in the living room, and the playroom is right off of it where I can see them 100%. The dining room is HUGE and a lot of space goes unused, so I am adding an over sized chair for nursing/sitting and making a play area in there as well.

Then we need to rearrange the bedroom a bit to make room for the cosleeper, and reorganize the office. I have a small area set up in the office too for times when I attempt to work with my toddler awake. HA!!

The it is just washing and hanging baby clothes, packing bags and we should be all set for baby Liam’s arrival!

It is going to stress me until it is done, so that is motivation enough to get it all set up. The hubby likes to keep 9 month pregnant Jenivieve happy so he is 100% on board to help.

What did you do to get ready for baby number two?