Josh Kelley Makes Music Video About Daughter Naleigh

Singer Josh Kelley just released a video of his song Naleigh Moon – a compilation of different home videos featuring the the trio with himself, Naleigh Moon and wife Katherine Heigl. The song’s been out for a while now, but it seems that Kelley was waiting for an opportune time to make the video for it. It’s a slow, touchy song about family.

The news of the video was transmitted through twitter on January 18 by wifey Katherine Heigl:

Hey guys so @JoshBkelley video out today! I had the privilege of being allowed to direct it! So fun calling the shots!

The down-to-earth Heigl was recently quoted talking about family, the importance of family values and how she wanted her current family to ressemble the one she grew up with. Like Naleigh, who was adopted from Korea, Heigl herself has an older sister that was adopted from the same country. you can view that story here.

Speaking of videos, Heigl and Kelly actually met each other on the set of Kelley’s video Only You.