Jennifer Garner Not Giving Birth Till The Spring

Pregnant Jennifer Garner visited The Late Show With Jay Leno last night. Garner who wore a stunning red dress with black stockings revealed that unlike reports claim she is not about to give birth any day and insists she is just showing big.

“It’s going to happen not for awhile. It’s not for like till the spring. Yes, I just look like!,” she said.

Garner says that she knows the sex of the baby, but is keeping it a secret from the media.

“I know. I’m not supposed to share it with you Jay,” Garner joked.

When asked if her husband Ben Affleck is hoping for a boy Garner told,

“I don’t know. I would have thought so. At first I think I really thought so and then he kinda said, “Well we have girls, we know how to do girls. My girls love me. I am the big guy in the house.” “

Garner’s two girls Violet and Seraphina are working on names for her soon-to-be-born baby.

“Our girls are working on names. At first they were definitely Disney… It was like, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Affleck. And then they moved on- it was Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee… and now they’re over it and they’re coming up with lists and coming in and saying, ‘Let’s have a baby naming contest, let’s have a baby naming poll.’”