Celeb Baby Style: A Trendy Stroller

Celeb baby Style: Cybex Stroller - Sarah Jessica Parker - Marion and Tabitha BroderickCeleb Babies always look stylish, so they need an equally stylish stroller to be pushed around in!

Sarah Jessica Parker pushes her two twin daughters Tabitha and Marion around New York City in CYBEX “Callisto” Strollers.  Parker is not the only celeb parent that love’s CYBEX, other celeb parents like Matt Damon, Anne Heche and Katherine Heigl have also been photographed pushing their children in a CYBEX.  The stroller has received recognition for it’s lightweight and converts from a baby-cot into the infant carrier/car seat.

The “Callisto” strollers used by Parker are on sale for $279.96.  A newer model runs for $349.95.