Book Review: Where Is Baby’s Christmas Present?

Where Is Baby's Christmas Present Karen Katz Book ReviewMy daughter Ava, is only 4½-months-old, but she loves books. She loves hearing my voice, feeling each page and seeing all the different colors of each book. If you don’t read to your baby yet, then I suggest you start now. The upcoming holidays provide a great opportunity to introduce books to your little one.

A great book I recently picked up  is, Where Is Baby’s Christmas Present? This is a great holiday book for babies because the pages are hard. I love board books because they allow a baby to grab without tearing the pages.

Where Is Baby’s Christmas Present? is designed and illustrated by Karen Katz  the author of the classic book, Where is Baby’s Belly Button?. The flow and design of Where Is Baby’s Christmas Present is very similar to her classic.  The pages on the left ask a question and on the right is an illustration with a flap.  The flap allows your baby to look for the present and then find something else! Only at the end will baby find the present! I love that my daughter can try to lift the flaps and learn that something different is under the flap.

The colors, Katz uses in this book are great for a baby’s eyes.  She uses lots of primary and bright colors which are great at capturing a baby’s attention. I love that the present on the cover even has a shiny ribbon!

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