Life According To Me, With A Four-Month-Old Baby

Robyn and Ava Ava is a little over 4½-months-old and I feel like life just keeps getting better!  Last month, I was definitely right when I wrote that I will probably think every month is the best.  I keep saying she is not my little baby anymore and my hubby laughs. I feel like she is growing up so fast!

I started to feed Ava solids this month under my doctor’s advice. She has a little bit of rice cereal for breakfast and supper each day.  Be prepared to have the food everywhere when you first feed your child! It was to funny seeing her face full of food! We were sure to get lots of pictures 🙂 At first, she was a little unsure of what to do, but soon realized the bigger she opens her mouth the more food she gets!  The trick to starting solids is to make sure you time the feeding at the right time.  S/he needs to be in a good mood and in a comfortable position.  If the baby is full you obviously don’t want to force food on him/her and if the baby is too hungry s/he will get frustrated much easier when eating solids.

I still breastfeed, but I am slowly starting to wean.  Mainly because my supply has really decreased and is not satisfying her as much.  I think she is ready and I am finally ready to give it up.  I feel the only reason she likes breastfeeding still is for the comfort.  She would much rather have the bottle and feed faster.

My daughter loves books. Last week, I wrote a post about reading to your baby and I cannot stress how important I feel it is to start early.  She loves it.  I introduced fabric books to her when she was just starting to grab at objects. It was the easiest thing for her to grab and she enjoyed the crinkly sound they made.   At the moment, I read board books to her and she enjoys trying to touch and turn each page.

I’m super excited about the upcoming holidays. Christmas was always a favorite time of year for me as a child, so I want it to be the same for her.  We have a real tree this year and the house is fully decorated.

Happy Early Holidays,




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