Kirstin Chenoweth Would Love Children, But Is Okay With Her Dog

Kristin Chenoweth Covers Prevention Magazine January 2012

In the January 2012  issue of Prevention Magazine, Kristin Chenoweth admits she would love to start a family, but things just haven’t worked out.

“I’d love to have a husband to have a child with,” Chenoweth tells.

“It hasn’t exactly worked out that way, and that’s okay.

“I would still love to have that partner, that man – that right one who’s going to take care of me yet let me do my thing, yet has his own gig going on, yet isn’t intimidated!”

Right now, Chenoweth is happy raising her Maltese puppy named Maddie.

“Show business can make you so self-focused, even if you’re not that kind of person. Since I wasn’t married and didn’t have a child, I needed something to take care of. So I got a dog.”