Mayim Bialik: ‘Might Be Time to Wean My Three-Year-Old’

Mayim Bialik: 'Might Be Time to Wean My Three-Year-Old'

Mayim Bialik, who plays a scientist on the hilarious (one of my faves) show The Big Bang Theory, says it might be time to wean her three-year-old off breast milk. The actress, who actually holds a PhD in neuroscience AKA badassness, wrote a thoughtful article for the Jewish parenting blog kveller. In the article, she contemplates on whether or not now is the time.

The mother of two begins:

I have written about my now 3-year-old son Fred, and his nursing rhythms before. To recap: Fred nursed for a solid 12 months with no supplements, no solid foods, and not even a sip of water. He got the hang of eating solids around 18 months, but continued to nurse all day (with bottles of pumped breastmilk when I was at work), and on demand all night. A typical night involved no less than four wake-ups and sometimes six (every 2 hours on the clock for 12 hours of bed time was not unusual). This went on for almost 3 years. . . TO CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE

What do you think? Any thoughts on the matter? Honestly, he looks a little big/awkward breastfeeding on that NYC subway train (pictured above) LOL.