Hilary Duff Visits Brazil To Promote Her Novel ELIXER

Hilary Duff Leaves Rio de Jainero

A pregnant Hilary Duff visited Brazil to promote her new YA novel, Elixer, at the 2011 Rio de Janeiro International Book Fair. Thousands of fans came out to support the star. She left a few thank yous on Twitter, and seemed very excited to be receiving such a friendly welcome from her peeps.

Heading to the book fair biennal. Press for a few hours then going to sign books and meet some fans! It’s all very exciting folks xxo H

Oh my goodness! Wow I am in shock! Thank you so much for all of this love! Rio fans are amazing, makes me want to cry!!!

Just arrived at my second signing in Sao paolo! There are alot of people here too! so lovely all these people coming out to say hi! #grateful

Wow brazil you guys did it again!very emotional to be greeted with so much love here! thanks for this special day I will never forget! big hug

I swear this baby is so da** spoiled it has a complete wardrobe already from the fans here! Can’t wait to show mike! and play dress up w baby!

For those of you who haven’t checked out her book, CLICK HERE to look into it further. I’ll admit, I haven’t read it yet — as I’m always skeptical about reading celeb novels — but I might download it on my Nook. What do you all think? Should it be my first eBook download?