Life According To Me, With a 2 Month Old Baby

Life According to me, With a two month old

Time really does fly by! Ava turned two months old last week.  At birth she weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and now she is 9 pounds 4 ounces. I love that she is bigger because it was a real challenge to find clothes that would fit her in beginning. I am actually planning to do a post about buying clothing for small babies. So stay tuned!

So, what’s life like with a 2-month-old? Well, for me it is great. It is such a luxury to wake up everyday and be with my daughter. Plus, I have the most amazing baby.  I guess every mother believes that 😉 She sleeps through the night and will even sleeps in late if I do not get up.  What’s my trick? I co-sleep with my baby.

Two-months is a great time because her personality is showing more and more.  She is becoming more of a little person 🙂 As a first time mom, it is very exciting.  She is able to laugh and enjoys being played with.  I try to help her development along by sitting down with her each night to dangle objects in front of her and make different sounds.  Her smile has really gotten bigger since I started doing this and she is even trying to laugh.  I suggest buying a toy that makes sound as it grabs a babies attention immediately.

I am still breastfeeding. I’m having a hard time deciding when to switch over to formula.  Some days I love breastfeeding and other days I hate it.  I love the bonding part of breastfeeding, but dislike the demanding part 🙂 I guess I will know when it’s time when it feels right in my mind / heart.




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