Teen Mom Amber Portwood To Lose Custody of Daugther?

Amber Portwood Looses Custody to DaughterJeff Lockwood, lawyer for Amber Portwood’s ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley says she will likely loose custody of their daughter.

‘I think custody will go to Gary,’ Lockwood told the latest issue of Star magazine; adding that to regain custody of the little girl, Portwood would have to be ‘able to maintain a clean track record.’

Shirley, currently has a temporary custody order for Leah, and does not plan on stopping Portwood from seeing her child.

‘We will aim for her to have a whole lot of visitation,’ said Lockwood, hinting that Portwood may move in with Gary to allow her to be a full time mother.

‘Gary and Amber do have a relationship and a child,’ he added.  ‘Who knows, they may even move in together.’

Amber Portwood will soon be released from a rehab centre in Malibu,California, according to Radar.