Jessica Alba is Taking Her Time

Jessica Alba at the “Carla and Leo’s World of Dance” Book LaunchJessica Alba is reportedly taking her time when preparing for her upcoming baby. The actress has said that she is renovating her house, but is not worried if the nursery is not finished.

“The nursery isn’t ready,” she said. “It’s not even close, but I’m accumulating things. In the beginning the baby stays with me in the room, so you don’t need the nursery ready so soon. We’re remodeling our house, so it’s going to take a few months. I’m really taking my time.”

Honor is very excited about the new arrival and can’t wait to be a big sister.

“She’s as excited as a kid can be, even though she doesn’t really know what it means just yet,” she said. “Honor’s funny. She has her own personality.”

In her spare time, Jessica loves refurbishing old furniture and is planning to set up a blog to document the changes she is making to her home.

“I like to buy like old furniture and new furniture and refurbish it. I did that with Honor, so it’d be nice to show it off how I did it,” she said.