Kelly Osbourne Says Madonna Is A Fantastic Mother

Kelly Osbourne Says Maddona Is A Fantastic Mother

Kelly Osbourne, 26, who is the new face of Madonna and her daughter Lourdes‘ fashion line Material girl is gushing about what a great parent Madonna is.  Since working with the Material Girl fashion line Kelly has become friends with Lourdes and says Madonna has “done a fantastic job” to bring up such an “unaffected, well-mannered” daughter.

Kelly says compared to other children that have grown up in Hollywood Lourdes’ is very down to earth and seems very normal.

“There (are) not many girls in the industry or whose family (is) in the industry that aren’t affected. It’s really refreshing to meet someone like Lola who is just so genuine and so herself and stays true to it in every sense and, you know, people don’t realise how rare that is.”  Kelly said

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