Jason Priestley: Famers Market Day With His Kids

Jason Priestley Takes His Kids To The Farmer's Market

Jason Priestley took his kids Dashiell and Ava to the Farmer’s Market in Studio City, CA on Sunday (Oct. 20).

The former 90210 actor and his daughters picked up fruits and vegetables while enjoying some time together at the market. He also checked out some tiny pumpkins for Halloween. 

Jason Priestley isn’t ready to let his daughter Ava don a celebrity-inspired Halloween costume.

“I’d be a little torn on that,” he told when asked by Access Hollywood if he’d let the 6-year-old a Miley Cyrus costume.

“Like if she wanted to go as Hannah Montana, I’d say, ‘Sure,’” the 44-year-old actor went on to explain. “But to go as Miley Cyrus that would be indicative of… Umm yeah, I’d have a problem with that.”

Do you allow your children to pick out there own Halloween costumes?

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet


  1. Jack says

    Come on !!!!!!!! Clearly you can see in the photo that Jason has a boy and a girl. Not 2 girls. Did you write this article without looking at the photo? Did you do any research prior to writing it? Hmmmmm, I sure hope you have a day job.

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