Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Destroyed by Mental Illness? (Photo)

Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Destroyed by Mental Illness? (Photo)

The magazine claims that Teen Mom Jenelle Evanshad a psych ward nightmare and they have all the news about her serious bipolar disorder.  They go on to speculate on what this this means for Her son Jace’s future.

On the Teen Mom 2 finale, Jenelle Evans was diagnosed by her rehab doctors with bipolar disorder.  She said about being diagnosed: “I thought about it, but I was always in denial, like no, no.  “Because everyone’s like, ‘Your brother and sister are just crazy, how are you normal?’ I’ve always just been called normal my whole life, but then finally when I hit that very low point in my life, I was like, ‘Well, maybe something is wrong.’”

Meanwhile this week Jenelle posted intimate photos of herself and new beau Gary Head on Facebook.  In the pictures Jenelle and Gary appeared to in her bedroom together in suggestive poses and they are certainly inappropriate to have posted.  Jenelle needs to get her act together.

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