Hilary Duff: “I’m Definitely A Little Afraid” Of Motherhood

Hilary Duff a Pilates Class in Toluca Lake (December 15).Hilary Duff has confessed that she is nervous about becoming a mother.

Answering questions submitted by Celebuzz readers, Duff expressed her anxieties about parenthood, saying: “Anything that’s unknown is scary to us, and I’m definitely a little afraid. It’s not something you want to mess up and it’s not something to take lightly.

“Obviously I want to be really good at it. I think it’s the most important thing you’ll do in your entire life, but I have a feeling Mike and I will be okay. We’ll figure it out just like everyone else does.”

Duff, who will have a baby boy, said that she is excited to welcome a son, adding:

“It’s just girls in my family so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with a little boy, but it’s exciting. I think deep down inside, I kind of wanted a little boy.”

It’s nice that Duff can be so open about her fears of becoming a mother.  What advice would you give Duff? Sound off in our comment section!



  1. missy says

    AWW this couple will do great as parents they will definitely figure it out just like any couple as she says. It would be abnormal if she didn’t feel anxious etc she has given clearly having kids and the changes that come with them a lot of thought and is very ready emotionally…unlike many 24 yr olds. Love and teach your kids good values which already sounds she/they will do.


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