Angelina Jolie Storms Out On Brad Pitt Over His Baby With Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie Storms Out On Brad Pitt Over His Baby With Jennifer Aniston

Star magazine claims that Angelina Jolie walked out on Brad Pitt after she found out he had a baby with another gasp… woman.  Wait a second the other woman is suppose to be Jennifer Aniston.  Last time I looked she did not have a baby.

Star Magazine has the scoop: “A fuming Angelina Jolie stormed out after a huge blowup with Brad Pitt when she learned the bombshell news that he had tried to have a baby with another woman — his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston!  The truth came out: Brad and Jen tried to have a baby, but she miscarried. “He had never told Angie this before,” the insider revealed and added that the 36-year-old felt “betrayed.” “She had assumed all along that she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated. Now Angie is questioning everything, including whether she can ever trust Brad again.” Betrayed and shaken, she walked out and left Brad with the children.”

This story is  a little far fetched don’t you think?  Why would Angelina care? What do you think, does Angelina have a right to be mad at Brad?  Sound out in the comments below and let us know.

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  1. jim/dee says

    Angie probably thinks Brad has never slept with another woman either!!! , …At least Brad and Jen were maried at the time!!!…With all of the history that Angie has, how can she question anyone else’s history…What’s the matter Angie, haven’t you gotten any press lately???
    Why doesn’t Angie forget about Jen, I’m sure Jen has forgotten about her!!…JUST SAYING…….

    • Roxanne says

      I completely agree….she had Billy Bobs blood hanging around her neck….Not to mention the kiss with her brother….If Brad can deal with her weird crap I dont see how trying to have a baby in your past relationship with your wife could hold any weight….

      • KAREN MULHOLLEM says

        OK, I don’t believe thisstupid story, but If I were to believe it ever happened I would
        not be surprised because Angie is a NUTCASE! She needs professional help!

        • Diane says

          Yes! You are right! Angie is a nut case. She has been much more of a run-around and sleezy than what Brad was.

        • berenice says

          Who needs professional help are you haters.Your are so green can’t give any right answer. And this is one of the false stories of media and you believe it. What fools!

          • Jess says

            Will you TWELVE year olds PLEASE STOP using the word “hater!!” Good grief, you’re supposed to be an adult! Use big people talk!

          • jenn stacey says

            Are you serious? Are you an adult? hater???? Who uses that word besides :ghetto trash” and “teenie boppers”…Wow. Isn’t it past your bed time? Be quiet and let the adults talk.

            Now, I do believe this story is quite ridiculous considering these two have been together for over a decade and have multiple children together. I don’t really think Angelina cares one way or another. And at this point, neither does Brad or Jennifer. Everyone has moved on and so should the writer of the magazine.

          • Deb says

            are you here to diagnose the readers who are posting their opinions, Angelina is trash, who has proven that over and over, were allowed are opinions without being considered having to need help, why are you so protective of her, maybe you need some help

          • Deb says

            Jennifer Aniston probably leaked this ridiculous trash. Any couple with six kids is going to have issues to overcome, especially one as socially conscious and over committed as the Jolie-Pitt duo. Aniston is now and always has been a self-seeking,selfish control freak. I lived across the street from her tabloid-claimed, conveniently now dead, ‘true love’ when she shot the FRIENDS pilot. All about her. Those kind of people rarely reproduce, thank goodness.

        • LuckyTiger says

          No kidding Jolie is a nutjob, and with all the women and men she’s screwed…well, who is she to get pissed?

          • Elisa Wales says

            I think its funny the way so many of these idiots sit here chirping about Angelina Jolie being a tramp…nutjob…or can anyone in their right mind say such things about anyone they don’t know?! Oh that’s right…ur idiots… T hats how ! Lmfao

        • Veronica Seals says

          Why should she be mad at Brad for? He cheated on Jennifer with her. And she knew they were married so, i am trying to to figure out, WHY IS SHE MAD!

          • says

            Elisa, im with you. Get a life people. Who are the haters . Aj does a lot of good to jelp people. You dont personally know them, whats that about throwing the first stone. Huum?

          • says


        • says

          I totally agree that Angie is a total nut job, Angie is the women that came between Brad & Jen sticking her claws into him and thinking nothing of it that she was part of the breakup with Brad & Jen. She’s has a lock & key on Brad since they became a item 10 yrs ago. She’s not friendly, you never see her hanging out with any female friends and I believe Brad isn’t aloud to hang with his buddies he has. Even Melissa Etheridge made a comment a few wks ago broke that she used to be very close and a great friend to Brad before Angelina came into the picture. Then Etheridge stated she lost touch and has spoken with him since Brad started the relationship with Jolie. Then Etheridge began to say she thought it was very rude of Angelina to withhold custody of his own children what right does that bitch have to w/h custody from Brad she only hurting the children. Brad didn’t harm the children then he has a right to see his kids. She’s just trying to get her way to get bk at Brad.! She needs to get over herself and grow up. Brad finally wised up and got tired of her stuck up ass. Also Jolie remember Karma is a Bitch.!! Just how you got Brad is just how you loose Brad. Start a infidelity relationship your going to end your relationship with Brad same way Brad found a new girl to replace you.!! Hahaha!!!

      • Kate says

        You guys sound like idiots for believing everything you read in the tabloid. Love how you are attacking her for something that as been debunked. Love how you are attacking her without really knowing her at all for anything. You guys sound so immature. I mean seriously this woman has done more good than any of you will ever probably do. Get over yourselves and grow up. You don’t know anything about them and you go around acting as if you know everything about them. Good job you are just as awful as you claim Miss. Jolie. Pathetic people.

        • Kate says

          Come on, ‘this woman has done more good than any of you’, she’s picked up a married man, the worst thing anyone could ever do. Brad is still in love with Jen, that’s why Angelina doesn’t feel quiet, and never she will despite all good things she does or moult of kids she got. That’s what I call karma.

        • Karol says

          She is a terrific giving person, and a wonderful example for her children on how to help people less fortunate. How about giving them credit for their work in Louisiana and Haiti, and her work for the U.N. compared to Ms Aniston and what’s his name. All the best Angelina and thank you.

      • joy says

        Sure do beleive it. aj is one of the most selfrightous egotistical,mirror-kissing maniacs I’ve ever had the misfortune to have to look at in all my life!!

          • says

            thank you! I think she’s great-getting over all the insanity and sadness and trying to raise a family.We can all improve ourselves and become more humane.

        • Georgie Tungsten says

          Joy, the difference is Angelina has never looked at you or thought about you. I don’t really understand your anger aside from your statement that you “had” to look at her. Poor dear

      • says

        After she purposely broke up his marriage to Jen, nothing these ignorant people do, faze me!!!
        Too much time and money on their hands, that’s my opinion anyway:

        • CSense says

          Jennifer done a recent interview and stated that her marriage was already broken before that. Why can’t people ACCEPTED that the other reason was Jennifer was not going to give Brad the babies he wanted?? Would you stay in a marriage just because your husband don’t wanted babies but you do AFTER finding out this when married? Nobody should be forced to stay in a marriage if they’re not happy and the other person wanted something different from them. The fact I saw Jennifer on a talk show just after Friends ended she said she’s ready to have a baby. I do believed her story there may have been a miscarriage than again other people don’t believed that saying Jennifer lied to Brad for years she will give him babies and he waited eight years five out of that as a married couple. Star magazine is becoming so desperately with these dumb stories they reminded me of when back in the old days The Enquirer magazine had many false stories, or stories where they did not checked the facts before printing them out.

    • Rachel says

      Oh, come ON!!! Aniston has forgotten Angelina? Give me a freaking break!

      That chick has done nothing substantial in her life since Brad divorced here, except to play the VICTIM. She may look as though she is having a great time but she is still broken over that divorce.

      Well, it serves her right as far as I am concerned. For a woman who doesn’t give a rip about anything but her career and body, doesn’t deserve Brad Pitt. She didn’t want kids and he did. Therefore, if he were to stay with her, his family ideals would have been flushed down the toilet.

      It was time for Brad to move on and I SO VERY GLAD he did. And furthermore, he landed the most beautiful woman in the world who LOVES children!

      I can’t wait for them to marry. Brad and Angelina are the most beautiful, loving couple on this planet.

      Aniston needs to grow up and get a real life. Her ego ruined it.

      • Cheryl says

        I could not agree with you more! Jen rides the coat tails of Angie and Brad and has been playing the victim for too long. I refuse to watch any movie Jen is in, which kills me because I really wanted to see “Marly and me.” However, because she plays the victim, I cannot stand her! Good for Brad for dumping her; he wanted kids, she did not. Therefore, they decided to part ways……everyone needs to get over it!

          • misti says

            You can’t “steal” someone from another person. If it were meant to be, they would still be together. Jen misled him then did a 360 on him after Friends ended. He was already prepping to leave. Angie didn’t steal him, he was already gone.

          • MoMac says

            Last time I checked Brad is a MAN not an OBJECT to be stolen. When individuals move on from unfulfilled relationships, they blame the other woman or man because its easier to be the victim rather than take responsibility for the fact that they just was not on the same page with their partner. Jen is a waste and until she stop trying to compete with Angelina (which is a no brainer) she’ll be an old, washed-up, bitter woman who spends her days on her appearance, leaving little or no time to form any lasting, nuturing relationship…SHE IS COMPLETLY SELF-CENTERED AND SELF-OBSERVED. I disliked her in Friends and over the years hesr “feel sorry for me” attitude makes me SICK…Get a life or buy one!!!

          • Linda says

            Aj did indeed steal/seduce him away! Jen isn’t playing a victim, yes she was hurt deeply she took her vows seriously Brad didn’t. She handled it with grace and dignity . They were trying to have a baby, they never fought an had a good life. Then meets the tattoo queen she, knowing BP wants kids went an adopted a child she planned everything to a T I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid kidman to bow out of the smith movie. Karma! !! When that happens maybe BP will stop trying to be something he isn’t, he looks like crap since being with her but she is trashy he’s trying to please her. How sad

        • says

          Marlee and Me great movie you should watch it. I don’t like Aniston bit I like this moving just saying. I think you should ask pray that Brad and Angelina’s marriage works the children wanted them married so they did it now the world should pray that Brad quits drinking heavenly and that they both focus on their marriage I love them together and they are great humanitarians who help starving Colleen and do mission work and raise awareness there great together do pray for them.

      • Jennifer says

        Where have you been? Jen has said numerous times to the media “get over it” , it has been 7 years. She has moved on – the media hasn’t. It’s all a bunch of lies. The track record of stories that turned out to be true is 30% – that’s the magazine that ‘won’ with the most true vs. false stories. What does that tell you?!

      • Sallyann says

        Jennifer divorced Brad not the other way around and she threw Brad out of their home when he admitted his love for his tarty missus. Jolie has no manners or niceness in her whole body just bores her way through everyone’s partner or husband and doesnt give a kick for anyone but herself.

        • CSense says

          Stop lying they both divorced each other after they had one more last vacation and nothing came of it. That’s when the divorce paperwork started. Brad obviously wanted babies, Jennifer obviously was not ready for whatever reason, which I respected. They both moved on and Brad had babies with Angelina who already adopted a son. So you see Brad had to convinced Angelina, who thought she was not able to carried babies but she end up having three bio children for him. They have a beautiful family and are happy. For the record Jennifer said it recently live on tv and in recent interviews she’s done with people acting like she would be mad at Brad all these years. Jennifer sent both Brad/Angelina a gift for their wedding and congrats them many times on a lot of things. Recently Jennifer dissed the critics who didn’t liked a movie Angelina made/directed about a WW2 hero. Maybe one day Jennifer and Angelina will work together in a movie, Angelina can write/direct it and Jennifer starred in it. I noticed that Jennifer is good friends with Sandra Bullock, who happened to be good friends with George Clooney, Brad’s best friend. They all moved in the same circles.

      • sharro says

        jen should thank them -without all that chatter about angela & brad it gave her a career –she sucks at acting

        • skirby says

          Jen Aniston can’t act?? Are you delusional?? Or perhaps you think you know what acting is? If she couldn’t act, she wouldn’t be in so many movies, now would she? You’re an idiot! I remember watching a movie many years ago called “She’s the One” with Edward Burns. Aniston had a small part in it at the time, and I didn’t even know who she was then, but I remember clear as if it were yesterday thinking to myself “Who is that actress? She’s amazing”!!! Cameren Diaz was also in that movie and she was fantastic also, but it was Jennifer Aniston who stood out for me. You’re so stupid!

      • Jess says

        Itls ALWAYS nice to see someone who KNOWS these people SO personally that they can testify to EVERY aspect of Jennifer Anniston’s life! NOT! You have NO idea what caused their marriage to end, nor do you KNOW a thing about Jennifer and her “ego.” Some people need a life!

      • Isabel says

        Seriously get over it Jen? hahaha who are you Angelina Jolie..Jen got over it and moved on ..on her not wanting kids ..does anyone remember when she was pregnant and had a miscarriage and what did Brad do after that..That’s right betray his wife with his co star..and got trapped for life..Everyone knows Brad is still in love with Jen and AJ knows it..thats why shes furious to know that jen was pregnant at one matter how many kids AJ spits out into the world she will always be insecure in her relationship and jealous of the one woman that has Brad’s heart… and thats the price to pay for being a homewrecker

      • Dee says

        I personally don’t care if this is a true story or not, but I can’t stand how people can talk bad about people that they haven’t even met.
        It is all known that AJ slept with Jen’s husband, so you can speak on that being right or wrong all you want. But how can you sit and say that Jen plays the victim, even to this day??? You don’t even know her or how she lives her life. She is engaged to be married to someone else so from the looks of things, she seems to be over Brad…
        I don’t agree with cheaters ways and I think that AJ was wrong but lets not forget that Brad was no Saint. He knew he was married and he knew what he was doing was wrong.
        All in all, this story is irrelevant, they have all moved on, and people need to stop bashing celebrities that they havent even met.

      • Katz says

        You need to get a life…How did you come up with Jennifer When they are talking about Brad and Angelina…WTF…Jennifer is happy and I’m sure she’s not thinking about Brad and that crazy woman…

      • Amber Jade says

        I see you must have missed Jennifer Aniston’s interview with Vanity Fairin 2005, right after her break up with Brad Pitt.

        Her not wanting kids was nothing but speculation that the media ran with and people bought into, but there was absolutely no truth to it. The two had recently purchased a home they had picked out to raise their baby, and since she had recently finished filming “Friends”, as soon as he was done filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith they were planning on starting a family………

        I’ve never seen Jennifer play “the victim”, she has handled the situation with a lot more class and couth than most, instead of bashing Brad all over the place, she just said “he has a sensitivity chip that’s missing” which couldn’t be more true. Him and Angelina were doing family photo shoots and telling everyone “we’re just friends”………….they conceived Shiloh while he ws married to Jen.

        Just so you know……

          • Krista says

            Incredibly insensitive! For all you know, she has issues with infertility. Try getting a charisma transplant.

          • Noneya says

            Of course she doesn’t! Her husband decided he’d rather have kids with Ms. JoLips and totally ignore his marriage vows! Possibly she will have kids in the future – only she knows……………… If she had a miscarriage already she may not want to………..

          • Georgie says

            There’s nothing but speculation..(literary license) about Jen NOT wanting a baby. Pure gossip. And single ladies don’t have babies. Just because Hollywood practices raising bastards doesn’t make it moral. Perhaps she’s from a respectable family.

      • Monica says

        Really? Ang is NO way the most beautiful woman in the U.S. let alone the word. She is an anorexic, nut job. She is not a good mother, she has nannies to take care of the kids while she jets around the globe to makes movies or uproots them to trot after her around the world for photo ops. She is horrible role model for her children (or any children). Ang is a insecure, diva and she deserves for Brad to do the same thing to her that he did to Jen. And yes men can be seduced away from their wives. That’s called stealing because he was not her husband he was someone else’s. An just because a woman wants a baby doesn’t mean they can always have them. People are stupid if they believe that. I know many women who have tried (and tried and tried) to have babies that can’t.

      • Jessica says

        wow, you’re jen’s best friend. she told you everything in confidence & you’re dogging her like that? *SARCASM*

        • CSense says

          The people of the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans would disagreed with YOU!! He helped them along with his wife Angelina. They built homes for these homeless people. What have you done for the homeless in your community?? I have gave away clothes, shoes, boots, coats all in good conditions. Also blankets for the cold weather.

      • Tina Marie says

        o freakin please ……as if brad pitt is worth a dam at all or ever has been ….. any woman who thinks he is and fights for him or stands up for him is an idiot savant and needs to be committed right along by him ….. he is a moron but all of u are worried bout those two women lolllll …..

    • r345 says

      right, he was certainly a baby when he met her and he never left her side, as soon as his hormones started to blossom she took the initiative and made him to a man, you sound realistic, I think this happened and nothing else, the way she governs over him and imprisons him, because this is what it looks like. And his acting has lost a lot these last years, poor Brad!

      • Cheryl says

        I think it is the other way around. However, he made his choice (and a better one as far as I am concerned), and good for them for sticking together all of these years. Will they last? Who really knows, but they seem happy at this moment in time…..people just need to get over the hate! It takes two to tango….not just one!

        • sid says

          If that is the way you feel about what is right, then my prayer to you is that if you get marry may your husband find love in another woman hand as brad found in AJ.

    • linda says

      I disgree because most of te time Jennifer or someone in her camp is the source of the tabloid gossip.

      • sue says

        And you would know this, how? Puh-leeze. The only thing any of us knows is what celebs want us to know. Nothing else. So don’t pretend to know something when you don’t.

        • says

          I’m no fan of adultery or gossip, that being said this triangled mess
          between these three people is just that! (between these three people) I’m sorry i even stumbled on this site , hey people none of your business what they do in they’re personal lives . bunch of busybodies , arent your lives filled with enough grief?
          maybe you should try focusing on helping the world some how instead of bashing those in it that you don’t know squat about.

      • Bobbee says

        Yep ..whatawitch..she cant leave a happy couple & their gorgues kids alone..deplorable. A True Stalker for press..yuk

    • nsumbairene says

      but thougt she was getting married coz if so can she realy handle amarriage.sticking to her man is the best instead of focussing her time on usless gossip.

    • MamaDi says

      Come on people, it is the tabloid media and bitter women that can’t get over this, this is not Angie’s doing….this is gossip because some moron wants it to be true. How come other couples can start from an affair when one was married and no one makes a big deal… Steven Speilberg and Kate Capshaw for one, he was married and had a son with Amy Irving when their affair started… Get over it, Brad loves Angelina and Jennifer loves her man…. grow up people and move on.

    • judyKay says

      I cannot for the life of me think that anyone with a brain would beliueve this claptrap. Jenhens that buy into this nonsense must have an IQ of 50, . Jen had a miscarriage with Brad when they first got married. BFD Then when the got a divorce some moron started this crap about how they had eggs frozen and fertilized by Brad and Jen got tehm in the divorce and the hens believe that too. What the hell is happening in American that people would believe this kind of crap. I cannot believe the HENS think that JEN really want to have BABIES LOL She no more wants kids then I do and I am 70 years old. Grow iup people this is all BS to sell magazines to people who have NO lives. Gullible people who will spend their money on this crap. Jen nis not oregnat and never will be again, SHe doesn;t want kids she wants her B movie career and her vacations in Caqbo and her boyfriends. She has slept with half of Hollywodd LOL AJ and BP cant give 2 hoots who she sleeps with or slep with or hads kids by or even if she has kids. See and And AJ?? Thye have kids tbey wanted and loved. They are a family married or not and they are happy. AJ didnt steal Pitt he wanted a divorce before he even met AJ , her best friends COurtney has said so on TV and in interviews. Jens sucked you people in and you are still buying it roflmao

      • herekittiez says

        You don’t think Ms. Angie has homewrecked half of Hollywood’s Marriages? If she did storm out as the aritcle states, that shows insecurity on her part. I hope Jen does end up pregnant, if she did that. Karma is a bitch Angie.

        • Coach Red says

          Angie is one of THE most insecure women in tinsel-town. But if you think about it, it makes sense. She MUST figure that if SHE can mess with all of these married men, other women can too. She will always be haunted by the fact that what she does to others, may (and should) come back to her via Karma.

          • Di says

            All of which men besides brad pitt and the other two men that Angie was previously married to ?? What other relationships are you referring to.

          • tiffany says

            Well it must have been karma that caused Jen to lose Brad to Angie.. I saw an interview years ago with people that Jen went to school with and they said she liked stealing her friends boyfriends too and they said after she stole them she dumped them.. They said she was an egomaniac.. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and we don’t know these actresses.. They have an image to uphold for the public.. Jens is the girl next door, Angie’s was being a wild child and they let us see only what they want us to see..none of us know who they really are..

    • Coach Red says

      No sh!t to that! It is so refreshing to read that not EVERYONE has gulped down Angelina’s koolaid!! She is such a phony and is so deeply broken and people want to think she is some kind of SAVIOR. I can actually see her getting upset about this. Of COURSE he tried to have kids with Jennifer. A.J. KNEW he wanted kids, this is why she used PAX to land him. It doesn’t get him off the hook, but I think she knows that his straying had more to do with his wanting a family than it did any sex-appeal of Jolie’s. She has to prove that she can ‘land’ the married man, so she is still not COMPLETELY sure of whether he is as ‘twisted’ around her finger as she would like him to be.

      • Danielle says

        Wow, I really hope that you are not actually a Coach. Please tell me that someone as stupid as you is nowhere near children. Especially if you are stupid enough to believe this story. You speak as though you personally know these people. You don’t know these people. You know the “persona” that the media has built up and not who these people actually are. Please, please, please tell me that you are not around children on a regular basis.

    • Nicole E says

      She is an entitled, spoiled rich Bi!@#. She thinks that everything and everyone should revolve around her, past,present and future!

      • gordie says

        Bi!@# she is one of those woman. She deserved what she get, doesn’t care about anyone feelings. Hope Brad will find another woman then she will find out what is the feeling of being treated like shit. And move on lady, Jen don’t care about you and Brad.

        • Danielle says

          Are you for real? You do not know these people. You know the “persona’s ” that the media has built around these two. Now go find a dictionary so you can look up the word “persona,” as I am sure you probably don’t know what it means and I’m too tired to explain it to you. By reading some of these posts, I’m starting to become really concerned about how many truly stupid people are living in the United States. We are starting to look like a nation of morons.

          • CSense says

            I can’t agree with you enough Danielle. It’s scary how the I.Q. got even lower these days. I recalled when it was said the average I.Q. was 100. That’s a good thing and a few years later said four percent was lost on the I.Q. Now hearing it may have hit around 70. Just unbelievable how there are some dumb people who have no common sense. It’s a waste of time reasoning with them because even Jennifer gave up telling them in interviews she’s broke up on good term with Brad………and happy for his life with Angelina and their children.

    • jordan says

      stop being this way for godsake im fifteen and I don’t even act this way and its not like you have a better life she has money and a man and children yall are just jealous so back the fuck off of Angelina she is an awesome actor

    • says

      Brad and Angeline have an open marriage so what is the big deal….sleeping around is okay with the both of these losers………I’d like to know why they are both supposedly so popular………I don’t care for either one of them. I think there is something terribly wrong with Angelina….as for Brad….something must be askew with his brain for being involved with her.

      • Danielle says

        By your comment, I guess you are a close friend of Brad Pitt. I mean, since you know that they have an open relationship and all. Are you also Angelina’s doctor since you know that there is something wrong with her? Because if you aren’t any of these things, then your’e kind of a moron for making assumptions of people you really know nothing about. Let me make this clear to you. What you hear reported by most entertainment journalists is wrong or just made up. What you see is a persona and not who that person actually is.

        • Irony says

          I just find the irony in you dogging all these people in a defensive way, calling them morons and whatnot…when by the way, the correct spelling of you’re, in this instance is you’re – not your’e.
          And you’re ruder than most people you are attacking.
          That is all.

      • CSense says

        How do you know that? You really don’t know nothing about Brad/Angelina’s relationship. They have homes around the world they stayed in some times so unless you are traveling with them, than you don’t know their personal business.

    • Danielle says

      If you people really believe this story, then I have some great swampland to sell you in Florida. Are you people really that gullible? These so-called journalists make these stories up when they don’t have anything real to report on. They do this because they know that gullible people like you will believe anything that they say.

    • Kat says

      You guys, this is STAR magazine. It’s simply a glossier version of the Enquirer. It’s tabloid garbage. I highly doubt Angelina cares whatsoever; after all, she’s Brad’s girl now and the mother of his children. Aniston never gave birth to his child, so the story itself is ridiculous. That’s like being mad at someone because they had past lovers. It’s just not realistic, and it’s a story too far-fetched to be close to reality. And let’s remember who wrote it. How do you think STAR makes its money? By coming up with crazy a$$ nonsense in order to lure you to buy their 5 dollar magazine. DERP. 95% of the stories in it are made UP.

    • JUDYKAY says

      You have got to be kidding right?? YOU morons actually believe a damn thing that STAR or those mags write?? ROFLMAO This is such OLD news and AJ doesn’t give a damn about JA LOL This happened with in the 4 years that Pitt and JA were married LOL It wasin the news then..You people need to get past something that happened over 10 years ago, I bet you still thnik Brad wants JA back roflmao..God, thank you for the laugh today..These people have been together for over 10year..6 kids and for the love of GOD you morons need to move on..You look like fools in here wring this crap and believing it…GO after AJ all day long and you still look stupid for believing this nonsense.. Grow up for cripes sakes and stop reading this look soooo stupid lol

    • viaKennedy says

      Being briefly upset with your partner of many years for withholding a significant fact from their past is no big deal. THE PROBLEM WITH ANGELINA is: She public denounced and couldn’t forgive her father for cheating on her mother. Then, she began an affair with a married man, which lead to the break up of his marriage. She voiced such a profound opinion about the sanctity of marriage, and then crossed the line herself. Some think rules are just for other people.

    • says

      This is just a ploy to sell their magazine. We dont know these people. We only know what some trashy magazine says. I think they all have moved on…it’s just that media hasn’t They throw the bait and we snap at it. Let’s not prejudge okay. Now I ABHOR infidelity but that’s their life. I heard a lot of tall tales about Angelina and just like Julia Roberts I dislike them..but then again who cares if I dislike them? Surly not them. And if we are going to give out blame and shame blame the men. They knew they were married. Men like the chase…. the not knowing so they are apt to cheat…know any who hasn’t? THEY ALL CHEAT..SO BLAME THE MAN…HANDSOME MEN ARE LONELY SEARCHING WOMEN’S DOWN FALL

    • Pam says

      Angie is a piece of trash that USES her humanitarian work. When a new movie of hers comes out, she’ll do some work OR she comes down with some terrible decease. I don’t know how she couldn’t have known about the miscarriage, it was all over the the magazine covers at the time. Brad was an idiot back then and has become even stupider over the years.

    • says

      Angle just cent stand the fact that he would have rent far w Jen asp. After stealing him and no one is as good as her as she thinks! I font care for either of them butam happy for JEN#!!!

    • Sara Kate says

      I came across this thread of comments to this “story” and read a bunch of the comments. I only found a handful of adults who posted out of over 300. I actually met and had a lunch with Brad Pitt’s family when he was married to Jennifer, he’s from my hometown and I knew him when he was in high school, I also know the guy he moved out to and was roommate to when he first movedto California. My sister and her husband were working for his brother Doug and that is why we were invited to the lunch. Jennifer was a sweetheart and they were very much in love the time. She even asked me about my job and actively participated in conversation with me. My point is, I have met them. What bothers meabout of the posts to this thread are from people sitting behind their computer screen being bullies, trash talking and saying horrible things about Brad, Angie and Jen when they know nothing about these people and believing and repeating what other uninformed, evidently uneducated, mean people have said and thinking that tabloid stories say as if it is real news. The persons who wrote this kind of drivel don’t fact check or have actually interviewed anyone the have written about. When people bash celebrities on a computer screen they are only doing what bullies do – pick on people who can’t defend themselves – and it is people like that who are usually so unhappy with themselves and their own lives so they say mean things about others to make themselves feel better.Jennifer is now very happily married to Justin Theroux and Brad & Angie have stayed together all these years. No one really knows how it all went down except the people involved. So, to the rest of you people who say mean things online need to remember once you put it out there, it’s out there forever. I will ask of you who have bashed these three: would you like it if a very public magazine whom you’ve never spoken to (or anyone for that matter) started stalking you, trying to take the worst or most revealing pictures of you worth a high powered camera hidden where you can’t see it, spread them around, then wrote terrible things about YOU? People, please use your brains. Put yourself as the main character in a story like this and read the comments as if they were about you and think about how it would make you feel before you start mouthing off and spewing hateful comments. Remember that Golden Rule: treat others in the way you would like to be treated. Oh, and, forthe sake of the UNIVERSE, grow up.

    • Karen Russell says

      I agree completely! Anjelina’s past is a lot more shady including having an open affair with someone elses’s husband!

    • christine says

      Angie is a nut case!!! Why would she care! She is jealous of Jen causes Jen is a better person and actress!!! Angie sucks!

  2. Sandy says

    Angie need to get on with her life.If this is true Brad had a right to try and have a baby with Jen. That was his wife. If Angie is upset about this then maybe she need to have some real counseling.
    Or maybe Jen is getting to much press time. Sounds like somebody is jealous of the past wife.
    Give Brad some peace. Jen is living the life and I’m very sure shes happy.

    • Cheryl says

      She is not upset…why should she be upset about something that happened eons ago? Besides, Brad and Jen were married at the time…I think this is just tabloid make-up crap because they have
      nothing better to print!

  3. Din says

    I don’t believe that Angelina would be as upset as the story makes her out to be. She shouldn’t care what happened in Brad and Jennifer’s marriage. (she’s the one that broke it up in the first place) They were married! It’s only logical that they would want to start a family. If Angelina believes that “she’s the only woman Brad has ever impregnated” she’s not only an idiot, she’s delusional.

    • Cheryl says

      I beg to differ….it takes two to tango and I don’t think Angie pursued Brad, but Brad who pursued Angie…he was obssessed with her and even admitted this in public…people need to stop hating on something that happened in 2005!

      • kisscharm says

        i guess you didnot read the article of her telling the world, how she flirted with that man while he was married. how excited it was, she could hardly contain herself, and would wished for morning to come to go to the set of mr& mrs smith, when they were making the movie. Try all you want the fact is AJ is a cheap, shallow, fake ass person. AJ only out of the blue found any class when she got with Brad, before she really had none and this cannot be disputed. Jen on the other hand have carried herself with alot of poised, class, dignity, ladylike, she made be boring, but if Brad were a good man he could have injected some heat in their marriage, the fact is he is a typical male, his ego got the better of him, he played with fire and ended up breaking vows he took before God and man. I have no respect for both Brad and AJ, neither of them respect this holy covenant of Gpd joing two people, this is the third for her, the second for him. For me marriage is for a lifetime, i will never respect people like them, they believe because they are rich and famous they should do anything they like and the world must bow at their feet. In the real world we call women like AJ and JLO, cheat whores hopping from one marriage to the another without any regards. My point of views.

        • VIRGINIA says


        • Angela says

          The real truth is none of the JA followers actually knows who or when this woman got impregnated or who did it to her. I myself always think back to a interview I was watching on entertainment weekly or some other like show, when Brad and the then Mrs.Pitt were being interviewed together and Brad was asked if he wanted to start a family soon and he replied “yes, absolutely” then he was asked how many kids do you want, to that he replied ” I want about 10 kids, or some high number like that” and I remember my mouth dropping when I saw the shocked, Ah hell naw look on JA face. I cracked up then, but not as much as when I saw the world had seen the same look. Case and point (remember that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reality show) Paris and Nicole started wearing T-Shirts that said ” I’ll have your baby Brad” lol. Anyone who thinks he left that woman is a fool, he left that woman because the world told him what her face said. The world told him that they were obviously on two different pages. I saw this with my own two eyes and I knew that relationship was over and it needed to be over. He was fake smiling through the whole damn thing. I’ve never seen that man as happy as AJ and all those babies he wanted is making him. It’s a beautiful touching family. The people that are upset with Angelia to the point that they hate her are the same people that is in a messed up relationship right now and will not leave do or die. Everyone don’t have to be as weak as you people, some people seek happiness in life and when they find it they go for it. Do that and let’s see how many people you dump out of your lives.

    • AliceMarie says

      Anyone who believes this story is delusional. It’s been 7 years! and why is the woman always to blame? Angie was not married to Jennifer and there is absolutely no known truth that Brad and Angie had an affair. They feel in love – that doesn’t always immediately mean sex. It’s interesting that kisscharm follows her rant of lies and name calling with references to God, and then follows it with more name calling and lies. I call what you wrote a lie, because you don’t know the real truth.

  4. Cindy says

    Personally, I think Angelina is a nut anyway. Also, the editors really set off my pet peeve button. WomEn is plural!!!! WomAn is singular. AND, I didn’t even mention the grammar.

    • Ania says

      Completely agree about the grammar Cindy. It’s almost as if its written to mock the readers intelligence. However the commentary is by far the most comedic element of this ‘writing’.

  5. joy says

    Aj needs to just climb back under the me,me,me,me,me,me rock she tumbled out from under! she makes me sick!!! She behaves like the world revolves around her and her sick ass behavior! “I’m not getting enough attention I need to get knocked up again, or adopt some more foreign kids to push off on the nannies to raise. I’ll take Brad and the kids out of their box and parade them around in front of the cameras when I need attention.” She’s the sickest most fake ass thing I’ve ever seen!!! And that’s not good considering how many nut jobs there truley are in Hollywood.

    • Cheryl says

      You have this backwords….I think Jen is on the me me me band wagon….Angelina is too busy performing her duties as a goodwill embassador to think of herself…Nor do I think she thinks the world revolves around her; she proved this by adopting Maddox before her and Brad even married. Also, she is not parading her kids around; she is taking them out…this is what mothers do all the time…..grow-up!

        • Roxannbie swem says

          I love,love the jolie_pitt family..Well at least the negative&postive comments r working in their favour…”Movies&Money” wise,don’t u think??

      • sharyn says

        LOL yeah sure sure AJ is so busy being a goodwill embassador she doesnt have the time to think about herself…and she doesnt think the world revolves around herself ? She proved this by adopting children ? Sorry too say you’re wrong. EVERYONE knows all of this stuff about her already. She’s not like the quiet people that actually do so much good but dont seem to need the recognition just knowing they did good deeds was enough for them.

    • berenice says

      The only role was your pathetic Aniston. The poor sweetheart victim. She is a liar fake. She can’t have kids and she knew it. But instead she promissed Brad to have kids playing with his feelings. The easiest part was sitting in the corner and tell everyone Ohhh my husband had been stolen for a bad woman. What a crap! Aniston you are such fake and you haters are so boring with the same cliche husband stealer, hahahaha.Lara Croft kicked her ass.You deserve it Maniston.

      • Kimberley says

        Berenice, you need help. Jennifer was a lady throughout the entire time her husband was sleeping with the local slut, Angelina Jolie. Jennifer was deeply hurt by Brad’s cheating, and if you had anything resembling a heart in that body of yours, you would be hurt as well if that happened to you. So what if she had trouble letting go of him. She really loved him. Jennifer is happy now and has moved on, but evidently Angelina hasn’t. When you get your man by committing adultery, you are always going to be worried that what you did to the wife will get done to you as well. Angelina is a certifiable fruit cake who thinks she’s some kind of goddess that all men should worship. She needs to get over herself. She’s not that important. For her to freak out because Brad slept with his own wife and they tried to have children is just childish and idiotic. You seem to think Angelina is perfect, but remember, this is the woman who wore the blood of the man she committed adultery with around her neck! AJ is a spoiled little brat with an enormous ego. She makes me want to hurl.

        • Real truth says

          Billy Bob was not married when they both wore each others blood around there necks. There are so many pitiful sad self righteous women that are so boring,unenteresting,and unattractive, they can’t help but hate AJ. Let’s be honest , most of you married some poor guy that a friend, a sister, a Mom,or maybe even church members or church leaders hooked you up with and promised you because you made vows before God you are golden, you have no responsibilty to grow , to give,to keep looking the best that you can, no your safe wheather you or your husband is happy or satisfied.It sounds so stupid to crucify AJ because you fear perhaps if husband (if he were handsom enough or rich enough) would start to move toward a better life. Do you realize just how many men JA have had sex with while allowing her fans and friends (Chelsae Handler) make her out to be some virtuous angelic victim.I believe Brad would have been gone wheather AJ was ever born.

    • AJS says

      OOOOOOOOOhhhh, so jealous! YOu need help. She is a perfect woman, and US Ambassador and Actor, and Director, and her IQ has always been off the charts. I live in BPitt’s hometown, and she is a very admirable, sweet, loving, mother and wife. Just because she is successful, and able to help so many should be a lesson for you: learn.



    • debg says

      Wow, I don’t understand how so much hatred can be directed at someone nobody knows personally.
      It’s really interesting. I wonder how anger is directed at the people in YOUR life, or is it?
      Seems like you’re directing anger anonymously instead of facing the anger or envy you’re feeling for someone closer to you in real life.

      • Cheryl says

        I agree….I don’t particulary like Jen, but I am not bashing her! She had her share of flings since Brad, notice how they are not mentioned….She even broke up a relationship between her new man who was dating some one at time!

    • KellyShae says

      Wow…you have severe anger/mental issues….you poor thing. Jen has a new man, great career and doing just fine. Brad and Angie were meant to be, adopting children and giving 1/3 of their income to help those in desperate need EVERY year, and dedicating their lives around the world with such human compassion, which is lacking in these times of crisis….. who are you to judge…just saying. Check yourself, find those who can inspire you to better your bitter outlook on those trying to make a difference.

      • Joy says

        Amen to that. I say God bless to Brad, Angelina, and their Children. Ppl should get a life and leave them alone…Aniston just realizes what she HADDDDDDDDDDDD to late, and now Angelina has it, and I say more power to Angelina….

    • linda says

      Where have you been have you not counted the number of men Jennifer Aniston has been with since her divorce obviously you have a different ideal of what a slut is.

    • berenice says

      yeah and I feel sorry for you. How can be people so mean they don’t want understand and believe they are kids.? You hate those kids which makes you an horrible person just like Aniston.

  7. says

    I don’t think it is true, i don’t see it, Brad is cool, i think once he left Jennifer, he was done, because she did not want any children when they were together. Or either she can’t have any. I wish people would leave these celebrities along. I just so tried of the this mess, let these people live their life. Damn, The magazines and newletters, and twitters, people take care of yourself, live your own life, and get a life. Jennifer Aniston, should have moved on, many years ago, even if Brad did go back to her, and he never will. It would never, ever work. Get over it.

    • guest says

      JEN DID move on a LONG time ago. Jen is NOT THE ONE who is constantly in the press crying about them. They are ALWAYS the ones talking shit about her. Brad and Angie lovers are the dumbest fucking people on earth. AND SHE DID want to have children and that WAS the plan as soon as Friends ended. If Brad could wait then he is the selfish piece of shit and a lousy husband. Now he has 6 kids that he neglects as he fumbles around drunk and stoned 24/7 and pays nannies to take care of. Jen does NOT want him back. Step mom to 6 unruly pain in the ass kids, and having to coexist with that skunk Angie. Dont think so. She has a better life than that.

      • CSense says

        So why is Jennifer talking about them now??? It’s 2015 you know she actually very happy for the both of them and their children. Jennifer moved on and sick of some of her fans dragging things out like they know what she really felt. Brad’s family very happy that he is happy. His mother was close to Jennifer but when she see how happy her son was having babies and adopted children she was more than happy for him. Sometimes some people are not meant to be, everything happens for a reason. I am happy that Jennifer found a man she finally married to. By the way I am a fan of both Jennifer and Angelina and one dream for them I wish to see is both of them work together making a movie. Jennifer been shut down in Hollywood as an actress because all they see his “Rachel” from Friends on the big screen. She was very good in that movie with British actor Clive Owens called “Derailed”. Maybe Angelina will write and direct her in a movie and it will shut up the fans who spent years hating on Angelina for no reason………and Jennifer will be smiling.

  8. Survon1 says

    I doubt that here legs were strapped together before Brad arrived. She is just displaying her womanly traits, mainly jealous wife syndrome.

  9. acabrina says

    sounds like a fishing expedition! hmmmm trying ti see what the reaction would be? well, here goes. sounds like a BUNCH OF BS to me! Jolie is beyond mental repair and Brad must be further away (mentally)than she is. he’d have to be KWAEE to live with her. she”ll reap what she’s sown…soon

  10. Mandy says

    Everyone will be able to tell when brad and Angie have run their coarse…the wedding will happen. Hollywood tends to marry as a last ditch effort to save the relationship. Time to marry has expired for them and should have happened a few kids ago. It is human nature for people wanting it to end…it would be justice for people who honor vows!
    Breaking up now would destroy 6 children, so what is more important justice or keeping a family intact?
    As for Jen…party on gal! Keep enjoying yourself. Brad is an old man now. you deserve someone that is youthful and treats you like a queen.

    • qwerty says

      I agree- brad has made his bed , he was lured into a permanent relationship by this nutjob who played the oldest trick in the book -getting pregnant to keep a guy. i say haha i bet he wishes he stayed with his wife and that he could wake from the nightmare .

    • CSense says

      Ten years and still going strong!!! Brad’s relationship with Angelina last two years longer than he was with Jennifer. Of course I know he was married to Jennifer for five years, while with Angelina it’s a year but they have six very happy children who was part of their wedding.

  11. Carole says

    I am so tired of seeing stories about Brad and Angie. I think he’s a decent guy but she just seems like a diva to me. I know she’d heartily deny that but what is she – some kind of goddess?? I don’t think so. All those children and still doesn’t want to marry? The reason used to be “because gays can’t get married”. LOL What is the current excuse? It’s sad when your own little kids keep asking mommy and daddy to get married. Let’s just ignore them for a while, huh? So why am I writing about it, someone is bound to say. Simple — I am FED UP with seeing their faces everywhere.
    Best of luck to you, Brad. You need it.

  12. debi says

    What goes around comes around is what she should be thinking. HA!
    and lovers have to love but jeeze do it on your own time and with your own mate! or see what happens………………

    • Diane says

      We all see Pitt differently. I think he’s an ick. Since Angie stole him from Jen….I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 ft. pole. I think he’s scum and so is his delovely live-in!

    • Susy says

      That’s how they say Angie got Brad — that sex w/her was fantastic + something he had never experienced before.

  13. Fatima says

    Plc Anj, love can move muntane u have no time for breaking home.pitt is a man hold him no one know tomorrow,dot be ashem of what happene,be strong :women,

  14. Lindsay says

    Let’s be blunt, if you left Angie or Kim K alone in a room with your dog for more than ten minutes they would both hump the damn dog they’re both such skanks. Why do any of you care? I came across this story as a result of a finger slip on my keyboard, and since I’m here I though I would post!

  15. Lynn says

    Angelina Whorlie is typical of no class..and Brad Pitt is just as pathetic…Puke Fest and the circus

  16. Bernadette says

    As entertaining as these stories are to read, and as engrossing as this gossip is, to actually believe what is written is ignorant. Consider that the source of many of these stories are likely people who are within the vicinity of the stars and not their close friends or even aquaintances. The story tellers are motivated by money and are believed to hold the truth without any tangible evidence. These people likely hear snipits of conversations, out of context and then draw conclusions. Just like all of you here drawing conclusions and making assumptions and pretty harsh opinions on people you have never even met. I for one love AJ and think Jennifer is a one-dimrensional actress. I offer to you all to consider tabloid reading at purely entertainment and make no opinions based on anything you read.

    • says

      Thank you! My thoughts EXACTLY! I don’t understand why these people are so gullible. You have to take these types of stories with a grain of salt. Most are completely fabricated and others stretch the truth to the brink of falsehood.

      • da info exec says

        Sigh…so true and yet here we are being dumbed down with the rest of the entertainment scandal gossip seekers!!!

    • Jean says

      AJ has said she went out to break up the marriage as she wanted Brad. Both really sick dudes. Go out and gather a bunch of kids so sitters can take care of them and the world think you’re saints.

      • CSense says

        No she didn’t say that. Show me the prove the exact prove from a video online that she said those words out of her mouth. SMH

  17. blondeagent99 says

    Ha Ha – can’t wait for sicko Angie ti hit menopause – that will be very interesting!!!! Then Brad will get what he deserves. Angie??? She is a weirdo tramp from the getgo –

  18. Rachel says

    I am very surprised to hear AJ was furious at Pitt. As husband and wife who are in love, your ambition is to have children together. Why should this anger Angelina? They were both married then for crying out loud, she should get over that petty behavior and move on. I am VERY sure Pitt had impregnated several women before he was snatched from Jen by Angie

  19. Carleen Will says

    Even if this stuff were true about Angelina and Brad; #1 Who cares?? #2 Angelina needs to remember that Brad cheated on Jennifer for her. So she has to realize that she has a big chance of being cheated on by Brad. Hollywood…….unreal!

  20. Xtraterraneo says

    Angie is a bitch, everybody knows that longer, She has been nfucking all around. Nd if I were Brad I would date and fuck just for funny cause if girls want something from you just give it to them.
    She´s a bitch. She´s a bitch. And hater too, I don´t like her movies.

    • berenice says

      Well Aniston is the champion in sleeping with all men in Hollywood. The list is long. so that makes her the real bitch and now she is happier for get dirtbag.What loser! They forget to gave her DIRTFACEBAG AWARD.

      • Jess says

        And YOU an award for grammar. YOU DON’T KNOW HER!!! WHAT right do you have to call her a “dirt bag face” (are you 12?) or anything else? Have you met Jen? NO! Do you have a copy of this “list” of those she slept with? NO! Hating someone you never met nor will ever meet is pretty LOW. You have some issues, there Sparky.

  21. Joy says

    No I do not think she should be mad about that. What happened before they got together is the past, and the past should be left in the past. Just like her STRANGE MARRIAGE to the guy, where they wore Vials of eachothers blood around their necks…..The past is the past leave it there. They r a beautiful couple who needs to concentrate on their own family in the now…..God bless, and I hope things work out for them…

  22. says

    OMG this story is just pathetic. Why make up such BS?? If you can’t tell the truth about celebrities then go find a different job!

  23. Sam says

    It’s time for Angelina to grow up. Does she actually belive Brad was a virgin when they began their affair? If anything, it should be Brad who should be angered by all the men Angelina has had. If she wants to throw away one of the most eligible men in Hollywood, he will be overwhelmed with the number of women who would love to be with him. I wonder if the same can be said about her prospects. I don’t believe there are too many men who would tolerate her unusual behavior. Grow up Angelina!

  24. Poule says

    Nô I think she is right, this guy leaves his girl after a miscarriage, otherwise hé probably would not have. This Pitt seems so shallow to me. (scuse my english)

  25. Jeanno says

    I can’t believe that anyone would actually believe this hogwash. Does that make sense? Why would she be upset at the fact that Brad and his wife were trying to have a baby? Is that illegal?
    Star magazine (a misnomer to call that rag a magazine) ought to go the way that London’s News of the World magazine went – bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. da info exec says

    Can I have a job with the marketing/PR firm that keeps these people in the news about non-news…cause judging by the number of comments this has generated they are paying the firm a small fortune.

    Please…Please…Please hire me!!!

  27. Mya says

    There’s nothing really happeninr right now on Hollywood planet, so it’s easy to take old story and turn it a little bit just to sells more. By the way, this isn’t the first time I read this.


    All yous guys had better start yalls lives soon coz this ain’t shit newsworhty but everyone has to comment on these trifle people……must be sad to have NO LIFE!!

  29. Sandra says

    Angelina is a nut case. Frankly, I think the general public is sick and tired of hearing about Angie and Brad. Let’s just move on. There are so many Hollywood couples that are deserving of this much coverage. It won’t be long till Angie becomes bored and finds her next man to move in on. Brad is an idiot. (Who knows it might be her own brother!!)

  30. Guest2012 says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Let me get this straight — Brad was MARRIED to Jennifer Aniston and had SEX with his WIFE resulting in a pregnancy that miscarried and Angelina is MAD at Brad for having sex with HIS WIFE and impregnating his WIFE.

    She’s WEIRD to say the least.

  31. Ummmmm says

    Hate to say it, but NOT TELLING SOMEONE SOMETHING OF DIRE IMPORTANCE IS THE SAME THING AS LYING- so yes, she has the right to be upset or hurt, but not maniac mad. It is possible that they wanted to keep it to theirselves as they did not want to have the media stay on it for years. It would greatly impact jen and brad if they did say something. When he shacked up with angelina, it certainly was not going to be brought up at all. This is not somehing one would want to bereminded about the rest of their lives. If he was telling ang now, it is better to let all skeletons out of their closets before they get hitched. that is why brad held out this long…..they are getting married and so yes, she has the right to any and all information about him!!!!! especially serious information, otherwise, you have baggage,secrets and lying all at the same time!!!!! wake up people.

    • Queen Anita says

      No she don’t have the right to pry In his business before he met her It’s was between him and his wife , a mistress don’t deserve no Information !

  32. star says

    I also heard that Jen miscarried during their marriage, but this shouldnt upset Angie they were married for heavens sake. Does Angelina not get that Brad was married when she got him? I think she has been really dismissive and disrespectfull to Jen not even treating her human.

  33. Debbie says

    I can’t believe she has the nerve to be mad at him, after what she did. Yes even though it takes two, she knew Brad was married and having trouble with his marriage She did the most low down thing a women could do she slept with him and then bragged about it during one of her interviews. As far as I am concerned they both can just dissappear. They deserve each other. Jen is a lot better off

  34. Marina says

    AJ is indeed a beautiful being, goddes like., I am a woman straight as an arrow, and I would stare whenever I see her pictures. Imagine how AJ thinks of herself, looking satifyingly into the mirror every day, having movie ppl around her make it their priority to focus on her, and then there are the fans ..
    how would you feel if you were AJ? if I were AJ I would feel that Indeed I AM a goddess, I will think that I will stay young and beautiful forever, I can save the starving children, The world needs me, I can even make this most sexiest man on earth leave his famous wife..
    Nobody can be more beautiful than me!
    Keep loving me, and I promise to stay beautiful, young and skinny ..
    me to skinny? I have always been slender,
    reality will bite AJ sooner or later..

  35. jim/dee says

    I really hope Jen gets pregnant!! That will be the nail in the coffin for Ange!… Now Ange will have to come up with something that will take the attention away from the marriage and possible pregnancy of Jen…Maybe she will “pretend” a suicide, that would do it!!!…She doesn’t realize that anything and everything she does or says effects those kids… Even tho she probably has a good reason for worrying about Brad straying, she really needs to be a mother first of all instead of using the kids only for photo opps, and then returning them to the nannies to be brought up…When Shilo was born she called her a blob!!..That and trying to turn her into a boy when she was only l year old by dressing her like a boy… You can’t tell me that it was Shilo’s choice to be dressed like a boy at that age…Evidently Brad pays no attention to this…The poor kid never looks happy, it always looks like she is being pushed aside by Angi!!…Really Sad…JUST SAYING….

  36. pat mann says

    How could the pregnancy and miscarriage be a surprise to her? C’m on! Even I knew about it and I don’t usually follow celeb “news” Fake story.

  37. Anonymous says

    These people are all freaks. She was a homewrecker and he’s an adulterer for cheating on his first wife (Anniston) with Jolie. Obviously with being married there was a history of some sort. Duh. If anyone should be mad in the situation it should be Anniston who was cheated on, left for another woman and the like. You don’t see her storming out and acting this way. Time to grow up Angie and realize it was you that took what wasn’t yours.

  38. Jenna says

    This story has all the hallmarks of being tabloid trash. I am no fan of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. The way they treated Jennifer Anniston was just appalling. What is even more appalling for JA is how the press have tried to make her a victim for their own gains. Clearly the story about the miscarriages came out but it is her story to tell and nobody else’s. If AJ did get upset because she didn’t know well whether she likes it or not it is none of her business. This happened before her time with BP and if JA wasn’t ready for the issue to be discussed that is her right. I find AJ’s behavior to be awful only see her when she wants to publicity for movie or book, then all of a sudden she is doing humanitarian work. If JA tried to do anything humanitarian everyone would accuse her of trying to copy Jolie-Pitt. The poor women can’t win if she is out and about she is constantly compared to the Jolie-Pitts. She is a funny bright actress who has moved on her life. I could never see Jolie doing comedy she is just to self absorbed.

  39. sunflower says

    of course she should care! i mean, come on! they love each other! so what happened? i don’t think if brad has done such thing!

  40. Kelly says

    It cracks me up that they say she wonders if she can ever trust him again! They began their relationship while he was married! Then to top it off, she has constantly threw it up. Every mag has wrote story after story about it and every time they are mentioned the mags bring up Jen then the public wants to blame Jennifer like she is playing the victim. I am sure she doesnt like hearing about it constantly and I am sure she doesnt like it thrown in her face, but she doesnt have control over the press. They are going to write about it, even now, because its a dramatic story. Sorry for my rant, it just kills me that people actually think she wants this crap thrown in her face constantly. Rather people stop and realize it or not, that was her husband and he cheated on her, lied to her face, embarrassed her in front of the world and then its constantly in her face. No, I dont think anyone would want that reminder. I know if that was me, every time the story was mentioned not only would it break my heart, it would make me mad as heck!

  41. jack sprat says

    I should think that folks, by now, would’ve clued in to the likelihood that Angie likely suffered serious trauma somewhere along the way. No one ever works through all of their issues in one fell swoop. In her case, I should think, trust has always been a big one. It may well be more about his not having come clean about it ere now. Then again, jealousy is a common transference/avoidance reaction when a person’s vulnerabilities are scratched.

  42. maritza says

    oh come on, Angelina is a marriage breaker, she deserves what’s coming to her. The only reason she keeps popping babies is to hold on to Brad, once a cheater always a cheater. Jennifer Aniston has a great body and is classy, Brad was stupid for choosing some skank over a super classy woman like Jennifer Aniston.

  43. Joanne Sgrignoli says

    You must be joking! This story is pure baloney and if someone reads it and believes it, that’s an indication that they should go back to school and learn more, then find a life.

    There is a mistake in your first paragraph, second sentence (not including proper punctuation): “Wait a second the other woman is [supposedly or said to be] Jennifer Aniston.”

    I accidentally made it to this site and I’m leaving as soon as I leave this comment.

  44. Jess says

    First – the story is baloney. A moron can see that. Secondly, I can NOT believe how many people here think that they KNOW ANY of these people, what they do in their lives – other than what the paps put out, and how “this one is a dirtbag” or “that one is a skank”. YOU DON”T KNOW THESE PEOPLE!! Does anyone here know how idiotic they sound? You DONT live with them, you DONT know what problems who had with who, you DONT know why Brad and Jen were divorced, you DONT know ANYTHING about them other than that they appear in movies – period!!

  45. Kimberley says

    Angelina needs to grow up! What a whiny little brat. How dare Brad actually love his ex wife at the time and actually try to have a child with her. Oh My! The world has come to an end! Get over yourself Angela. The world doesn’t revolve around you, although you think so. Angela broke up two marriages because she’s a self-centered tramp. She couldn’t care less that someone is married, and she doesn’t give a damn about the man’s wife…..she wants what she wants when she wants it, and if she doesn’t get her way she throws a massive childish temper tantrum. What a bitch! I have absolutely no respect for Angelina Jolie. A woman without scruples or ethics doesn’t rate very highly in the grand scheme of things. Poor little Angie, she just found out that she isn’t the center of the universe! What an ego!!

  46. joy says

    the press always creat stories to exploit public attention.things concerning husban n wife ,interference should not be allowed without thier consent.Brad and Angie will do what’s best for them.

  47. nellie hewlings says

    great publicity stint; judge ye not that ye be judged, ever hear of that????? please, just how gullible do you think the public is????

  48. judy says

    dumbest story i ever heard, its been going around for years that Jen had a miscarraige when she was married to Brad….

  49. snookibelle says

    they were married unlike brad and angelina who cares no big deal married people in love have children! how many times has angelina jolie been pregnant or had abortions not miscarriages for god knows who! she has always been a bit slutty and is in my opinion a skeezy homewrecker! who fucks a married man..a whore..hint…angelina jolie!

  50. ABrangeliaPal says

    Whatever Brad did before Angelina is none of Angelina’s business–As long as he didn’t kill someone. He’s a happy-go-lucky type of guy. A rare combo of “Smart”, “Caring”, and “Easy-gong”. Angie knows she’s got it good–and, on the other side of that coin, Brad knows he’s got it good with Angie too. They have a powerful relationship, far more powerful than any other A-Listers’ have in Gollywood.’ Why would Angie abuse Brad this way and risk losing him?! Since she wouldn’t, I don’t believe the Star Rag’s fiction. Brad might annoy Angie by spilling a glass of milk every now and then, and, he might be slightly addicted to playing “Pictionary” or some other board games, but, he’s an extreme rarity–a superstar with real talent that has his head on straight.

  51. Jaye says

    I want your job, you know, the one where you sit and make up the most ridiculous crap and then publish it…and get a paycheck for. It’s a dream job, writing fantasy for weekly profit.

  52. Selene says

    its just sad how the people in these comments are supporting Infidelity, no one deserves to get cheated on and broken up with so publicly the way brad did to jen, And Jen has LONG SINCE been over this situation, you guys are the ones that are not over it (THE MEDIA) so Stop Attacking Jennifer, you guys are seriously disrespectful.

    What is wrong with you people? If your husband of many years left you for another woman and you find out that he was also possibly having an affair with that woman, would you want to hear people blaming you for getting cheated on?? How rediculous do you sound. IF brad wasnt Happy then he should’ve just divorced her privately as possible without involving the media and then started publicly dating angelina a year later to be respectful so that no one would know or try to blame angelina for the divorce. Brad is the one to blame in this, he handled the situation childishly so stop blaming Jennifer or Angelina, IT Takes Two to tango and Brad is no angel, who cares if he wanted to have kids and JEnnifer didnt, the point is he should’ve ended it long before he started dating Angelina and privately like a respectful human being.

    and on top of that he publicly disrespected jennifer 7 years later saying that his marriage with her was terrible, That was Nobody’s business weather if he really felt that way or not!!

    if anyone is Riding the “give me sympathy” train here, its Brad, But he is nothing more then a childish disrespectful Jerk. Jennifer is better off and Angelina could do better.

    • Rupe says

      What you described happened to me. He cheated on me with a intern (a girl I sent to hid office on request of her parents), then he publicly divorced me and within four months marries the girl. They now have a baby and im being called names like barren and unable to have children….unable to keep a husband and all that. My confidence is shattered and I dont know how to trust again. I dont know if I could have children incase I get dumped for my inability, I dont have confidence in friendship or love ar people. I gave my all in that marriage BUT then that was not enough, infact learnt it was terrible. How can I start all over again? people are on the side of cheaters and us that have been cheated upon are called names..

      • Queen Anita says

        Tell al those people to go to hell , Don’t question yourself he did u a favor by making room for a real prince of a man to enter In your future life , I wish u love In God Speed

  53. Wendy says

    Wasn’t Angelina a homewrecker to begin with?!?!?! COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!! JUST SAYIN’!! NOBODY LIKES A HOMEWRECKER!!! TAKE NOTE LEANN RIMES!!! If anyone agrees…….please feel free to sound off! Thank you!!

    • Sara Kate says

      It’s not “come-up-pins” (laughing because that is soooooooo wrong). The word is “comeuppance”. Get a dictionary.

  54. Barbara says

    I believe AJ told everyone she got pg with brad while he was still married, in my book she’ll get her “come-u-pins” sooner or later. Does anyone understand that? I’ve always been told it was a b____. Sooner I hope!!

  55. Lo says

    This just sounds like BS – why would she care? I like her, never liked JA, … so glad no one airs my dirty laundry out like they do for celebs…

  56. Eman_on says

    SHE’S the one who broke up the marriage & yet SHE’S pissed off? I can understand not trusting if you were cheated on or lied to BUT Brad & Jennifer WERE married. It kinda makes sense that she could’ve become pregnant. I can’t say for sure but I do seem to recall that it was revealed Jennifer got pregnant once but lost the baby. Regardless, what’s it matter? Makes no sense at all to me. Yet another example of neurotic, idiotic celeb behavior.

  57. Abbey says

    Can everybody leave them alone?they are fulfilling destinies,lets mind our business and pray for them,haaaaaa

  58. TammyRH says

    I think the whole reason WHY she would be angry over Brad & Jen’s past is because they were truly in love. I firmly believe that they both still love each other and Angelina can tell.

  59. Mia says

    I can’t stand Angelina whether the story is true or not I always thought she was a phony manipulative bitch. Bradly really isn’t that smart at all so he kind deserves to be manipulated. When he was with Jennifer I looked at him a lot differently like he had a brain in his head and normal with a mind of his own. Now he’s like a loser a puppet.

  60. SoSickOfBrangelina:-/ says

    Angelina Jolie is a trashy skank. She cheated with a married man (Brad Pitt) and has no morals or values. She is a pathetic useless joke if you ask me. She has some nerve to get her panties twisted up that used thing when it was obviously a baby miscarried during her (Jennifer Aniston) marriage with Brad Pitt. But Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt deserve each other because they are both trash.

  61. Dacaria says

    Sounds like a bunch of BS made up to sell magazines. Angelina has 6 kids of her own with Brad to care for, she doesn’t have time to waste worrying about what Brad may have done before she got with him. Wonder if Star has a deal with Aniston to keep her in print regardless of how ridiculous the story is? This reads like the workings of a has been trying to stay relevant.

  62. crazylikethat says

    This is really a dumb article. There’s no proof of anything in this sensationalistic article. Ridiculous.

  63. beatle61 says

    What a jealous bitch. Entitled much???Ang pathetic. Bet Brad regrets leaving beautiful Jen for scary witch.

  64. guest says

    well this negates the common opinion that Jen didnt want children. what will the Jen haters think now???? Angie lied about sleeping with only 4 men in her whole life. LOL!

  65. Gia Ellis says

    what nerve! didn’t Angie cheat with Brad Pitt while he was married to Jennifer ? Thats what I call Karma ! If he did it to Jennifer why on earth would she think he wouldn”t o it to her!! If it’s true then I say she gets what she deserves.

  66. Nadia says

    I think Angelina and Bratt are a beautiful couple and they seem to be very in love and the sleezy one Jennifer she is the one that can keep a man plus all she cares about is her hair .

    • Queen Anita says

      What did Jennifer do that was sleazy lose her husband to a skank ? be careful somebody might say that about u !

  67. Kestrel says

    This fake story is almost 2 years old. How is it possible for (presumable) adults to be arguing over whether Angie is a slut or Jen is a victim? Seriously, they have moved on – why can’t you?
    Brad and Angie have 6 kids and are very happy still. Jen has….a dirty, blue collar guy that’s famous for….um….screwing Jen. See? Everything worked out! Now go back to your previously boring lives and quit living vicariously through someone else’s.
    Oh – by the way, learn how to spell. Some of you are so public school.

  68. indira88 says

    I like this comment from isabel: “Seriously get over it Jen? hahaha who are you Angelina Jolie..Jen got over it and moved on ..on her not wanting kids ..does anyone remember when she was pregnant and had a miscarriage and what did Brad do after that..That’s right betray his wife with his co star..and got trapped for life..Everyone knows Brad is still in love with Jen and AJ knows it..thats why shes furious to know that jen was pregnant at one matter how many kids AJ spits out into the world she will always be insecure in her relationship and jealous of the one woman that has Brad’s heart… and thats the price to pay for being a homewrecker”

  69. AGW says

    Wow. This subject has stirred up the emotions onf the people on this board. The comments have been going on for years! My tuppence worth. Why is it always the woman who takes the beating? AJ in this case and then there was the other case of Anthea Turner much mediatised. I dont think either of the two men they allegedly stole were exactly innocent bystanders. As for Jen, She is class, dont ever recall her doing AJ down or portraying herself as a victim. So why all the fuss, let them all get on with it, I say

  70. I love Angelina says

    This is utter crap. No one can really believe this…I mean come on. It’s another one of those cooked up stories. Secondly, Brad was married to Jennifer at that time, so even if he did try to get her pregnant Angie really wouldn’t care, because that was his old life and this is his new life. Brad and Angie need to sue this tabloid and hit them where it hurts…in their pockets.

  71. SALLY says


  72. bcobb says

    Whether you like AJ or Jennifer the fact is AJ slept with HER husband and that’s why Jen plays the victim….cause she was the victim! It seems everyone forgets about AJ’s past {drug addict, sleeping with married men,ect. ). How do you go from that to being an ambassador { or whatever she is } for foreign countries? She needed someone powerful by her side{ not Billy Bob Thorton} to get what she wanted out of life and Brad was her target and she went after him. Together they’re a power couple. Of course Brad would want her, think what it does to his ego! But AJ is a very insecure jealous person and not quite right when it comes to relationships. I think its very possible that jen could have miscarried. I guess AJ thought Brad was saving himself? lol

  73. Diana says

    Jen wanted kids with Brad but could not have she had a few miscarriages. He cheated on Jen with Angie and this is the reason his marriage with Jen broke up. Angie is home wrecker and noting else! I wish Brad does the same to her as he did to Jen. If I am Angie I would be concerned because what goes around comes around Jen is nice person and way prettier than Angie and she has way better body than Angie. Angie got awful personality. She has horrible body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dot know where were Brad’s eyes when he got with Angie. Her butt is so flat!! There is nothing pretty on Angie and she is complete freak!

  74. snoot says

    this is all so funny.. I’m pretty sure neither jen nor angie, nor even brad care about any of this crap… as for jen, she has been a class act since the whole aj and brad thing. they did cheat together during brad’s marriage, check the date of their first biological child’s birth. the irony is that AJ hated her father for doing that to her mother, yet she repeated the same act.. she had even voiced how she would never do that to someone else, but she did. you can’t help if you fall in love with someone, but you can control your behavior until you make things right to move forward on that love.. she didn’t do that, brad didn’t do that, so now their life is about trying to fix their reputation. until they admit their failure and ask forgiveness, they live with the consequences of that behavior… I hope jen and Justin make it and live a long happy life.. I’d hope aj and brad ask for that forgiveness and move on with their lives, especially since they have 6 kids that could benefit from that!!

    • Lilly says

      I am shocked that the nut job and Brad are even still together, come on she has been with so many men or at least the mags say she has, and some of them whoa darn good looking and yet she can’t keep them. She does seem to have some major issues. If Brad was smart he should have ran as fast as he could, look at him now he looks so ragged and nothing like the brad we all fell in love with. he looks aged after being with yet another Hollywood hot mess. Run while you can Brad. Jen you are the All American, Jen get help….your sad story is getting old as are you.

  75. DAVINA says

    MoMac – You r a rude indivdual that should kep your opinion, If that what you cal it” to YOURSELF..People like you disgust me….YUCK..Be miserable

  76. HappyfeetinSeattle says

    This story is absurd and old. Most of the posts, not all of them, lack any type of constructive criticism or insights however, thank you for the entertainment.
    Instead of wasting time writing about these people as if you knew them, Get to know your neighbors and move on people, life’s too short!

  77. Country Girl says

    I usually don’t pay any mind to what Angie has to say.
    But this takes the cake…Sure Brad and Jennifer were
    trying to have a baby it was all over the news at the time.
    They both wanted kids so why is she so pissed off at
    Brad…. Walked out and left the kids huh?? Was that a
    dig to the kids cause walking out on them is crazy…
    But then this is a woman who drank blood of BBT so
    what would one expect…Grow up Angie your not the first
    woman in Brads life and possibly not the last either…….

  78. Whitney says

    Wow… People are nutzo. First you talk about them like you know them personally, second ppl get paid to write these stories. Do you honestly think Jennifer Anisyon enjoys her divorce being brought up e very other week? No. Shes not playing the victim America is making her their victim. The every women story that women every where can relate to. Everyone makes mistakes and while Im sure Jennifer was upset that was years ago. Ppl move on… even famous ones. Please let this story die!!!!

  79. Pamela says

    You people are either twelve or have the IQ of 12….This is all tabloid gossip! Also, stop making Angie so bad and Jen the angel.Which she definitely isn’t. Just ask Justin Theroux’s ex girlfriend. See waht she has to say about Jen!
    While Angelina is globe trotting making a differerence in the world, the butter faced Aniston is appearing on every tabloid in her bikini. Even she knows that all her looks are below the neck.
    Oh, and all while hanging out with friends like the classless drunk Chelsea Handler.

    You are all most likely a bunch of jealous hags that have lost your boyfriends or husbands to someone hotter! That is why you relate so well to Jennifer Aniston. Or with her face, I should say………Maniston!

  80. aku says

    Interesting thread. How is it that people care so much about celebrities they will probably never meet in their lifetime? How can people have an opinion about the personal lives of people they don’t know? This is truly an incredible society we live in. I am sure if I ask half of those commentators about their nieces, nephews and so on, they won’t have a clue. Food for thoughts.

    • charmed says

      I read years ago, when Brad first left Jen to go be with Angie, and she was dealing with the divorce, that her friends said Brad portrayed himself in the press as “wanting kids” and did not mind if the press portrayed Jen as like this career driven person that did not want kids as much as he did. The article (I think it was Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair) one of their mutual friends came forward and said Brad and Jen did try to have kids, and implied they might have lost a child through miscarriage, and Jen was unfairly portrayed as this career driven person that didn’t want to have kids. She just preferred to keep their private struggle to have kids quiet. I’ve always believed that. In fact, the mutual friend implied and agreed that Brad wanted kids, just not necessarily with Jen. I don’t think Jen and or Angie probably at this point give each other much thought unless they read about each other, or one has a movie coming out. Brad I’ve noticed always makes comments that his years with Jen were his “wasted” years, where he just smoked pot and didn’t care about much of anything. Well, we are all individual people and Jen is not to blame for her lost years, and Angie I guess in his mind gets all the glory and credit for making life more meaningful with their family and their social causes. I just don’t think Brad Pitt seems like a very nice person, not much of a lose for Jen. He seems self centered and both him and Angelina seem like they believe their own press. They seem like good parents and I hope that is true.

  81. Zhanna says

    WTF u ppl need to wake up! Aniston had him first , they were married and of course all married ppl try to have kids..Brad was never her man to begin with, why the fuck wud angelina be mad to begin with! Jennifer has the right to be pissed , when a homewrecker takes the love of your life away from you, the anger and sadness doesnt just go away no matter how many rebounds you have!!!! angelina needs to shove it!…i stoipped watching all her movies because it pisses me off just to look at her i lost total respect for her long time ago!

  82. ss says

    Shame on you guys, acting like you all are perfect. Everyone should just keep their opinions about other people’s lives to themselves! No one should say”good for him… jen didn’t deserve brad” So, you’re saying brad is an angel and jen is dirt? no, they both aren’t perfect. Thye were married and should have stayed together. sometimes you can’t be selfish either and deman your “rights” to have kids or to demand a perfect body. you got to compromise. There was no reason for a divorce, they should have stayed because that was the right thing, but they didn’t. Either way, no one needs to be callin people “nut cases” or anything…. would you like it if you were called that?

    • says

      I am truly shocked, I am not one to waste my time with tabloid trash as about 90% of what is written is false and very misleading! The people who write this so called true story should be ashamed that their behavior has allowed all this horrible talk about three people I really enjoy watching. I am not interested in who is sleeping with who, I want to enjoy their true acting talent. Besides that Jen has finally found the “ONE” who will take care of her, and protect her heart from all you nay sayers who only want to hurt her!! I say they are both married to different people so let sleeping dogs lay. I wish all four of these actors have a wonderful, blessed life. They all deserve God’s love and Grace!!

  83. Boom Boom says

    Who cares? There are much more important things to explore and learn. What goes on between two people in a committed relationship is no ones business but their own. Besides, how do you all know what you seem to know about these people when you get your news from celebrity rags. Just sayin’…

  84. Kay says

    No I don’t believe that Angelina would be upset about Brad getting Jen pregnant, if it really happened. I mean, at least he was married to Jen at the time. Fabricated story.

  85. Betty says

    Aj is a homewrecker. Billy Bob was engaged when she met him and Brad was married. Jen has got “over it” you stupid people. Y’all are the ones that need to get over it! At least what Jen does for St Jude is in the good ole USA!

  86. Nash says

    Wow really? even if this is true, why does it matter? Angelina Jolie you’re a HOMEWRECKER! and you’re famous for it. Shut the fuck up and move on. Bitch.

  87. Jay says

    Jennifer Aniston does not play anything. The media has portrayed her as a victim, she has not said much about the situation. She has displayed a lot of class. PItt was two timing Aniston while he was married to her with Jolie–they are adulterers. Aniston IS the victim here, and Pitt trashes Aniston in the media every chance he gets. Not being a “hater” being FACTUAL and calling is as it happened. Aniston was too good for him–he and Jolie deserve each other. They seem to thrive on their collection of kids and the media attention it brings them, they need to leave Aniston alone. im sure she has moved on.

  88. Cassie says

    FOR Christ sake people its obviously a fake story. Person I doubt all three of them care about anything with each other before. And Angelina Jolie jealous Pitt got Aniston pregnant half her kids aren’t biologically theirs I sincerely doubt she cares. And I doubt if this miscarriage was in the media that Jolie would just be hearing about it 10 years into their relationship. People make up this crap to sell magazines and anyone who falls for it is stupid. You do not know these celebrities personally. You have no clue what goes on behind closed doors. Stop pretending you do!

  89. BJ says

    I do not believe this crock of lies ! And that is exactly what it is all lies ! why after all these years would Jolie get mad and storm out after how many kids they have ? these two definitely deserve each other for sure !!!

  90. Louise says

    I can see Brad trying to get Jen pregnant while they were still married, but for this to happen recently is just plain dumb and nonsensical. I don’t believe this piece of “news.”

  91. claire garcia says

    I truly that Angie should not get mad. at him, He was married to Jennifer first. If they wanted to have kids, who cares! Angie needs to grow up and accept the fact that brad did try to have kids with Jennifer. On the other hand, Jen did want kids with him. The only reason he said she didnt was to get out of the marriage with her. But he did addmit to having an affair with Angie ( the snatch) who did in fact steal brad from Jen. So Angie should shut the F up and the fact that she with brad now and they they have kids together. and not worry about his past relationship.. And Jen did not play victim. She cqn be devastes that her husband sis cheat on her. I would be to but i would probably mes up his car to. So leave jen alone

  92. sam020 says

    At first reading this, I thought it was about something recent that happened. But, being how Angelina is. I highly doubt that she would care about something from his past marriage. Such a fake story it made me laugh.

  93. Ruby says

    People, do you really think these stars actually even see these magazines?
    I only believe what I hear from them personally. Angie was on the Actors Studio with James Lipton and I remember that every personal question he asked her, she would start her answer by saying “I believe a in honesty”. Probably the most boring interview I’ve ever seen. She told him the reason she had so many tattoos was to hide the scars from her cutting herself when she was younger. She obviously had or has many problems.

  94. kelli says

    oh yeah…by the way none of us are perfect or live a perfect life so where in any of ya’ll can you be so “UNKIND” over people you dont know 50% of their real life. Plus you only know what has been made to be known, true or fictonal. So really whey dont you get a grip on “YOUR LIFE”

  95. luxxxxx says

    Really stupid story, even though she’s a repeat homewrecker & a lunatic I can’t see anyone doing this or even care about something so dumb. She is unforgiven for her man robbing in my book, whether she chopped off her girls in the chance she could get cancer. That’s just ridiculous to me not only that she did that, but for that people act like she’s a hero for it. People r idiots.

  96. Linda says

    Angelina and Brad have matured over the years and are way beyond all of this ridiculous gossip. People need to get on with their lives and leave these people alone already!

  97. Sandy says

    I fought the urge to reply…….and lost. so, here goes. AJ had her sights on Brad from when she guest-spotted on “Friends”. to AJ – their “America’s sweetheart” status & Brad’s allure & celebrity made Angie salivate! Everything she did & does in planned – simply because she is a sociopath. Only someone with no true feelings can totally “re-invent herself” the way she did. you’re right – she has no class & has Daddy issues! but, now seems like the woman of the year! I don’t think she even likes children! this is all part of her plan to get …and KEEP Brad. she’ll always be jealous of Jen because she knows Jen’s a better person than her & that Brad LIKES her more. And that kills her. Haven’t you noticed whenever talk started about Jen getting married, all of a sudden AJ & Brad were planning again as well. -AJ always keeps the spotlite on herself! one comment was definitely true –AJ’s a LOT smarter than Brad. the only upside of this is that under her façade – a lot of good is being done. so, for that alone – I hope she continues fooling the world!!

  98. Jona Denz-Hamilton says

    I bet it was really a boring story and only “news” because of sensational reporting. My guess:
    ANGELINA: “Jennifer was pregnant with your baby, and you never told me? Don’t you think I should know about that?” BRAD: “Yeah–she lost the baby TEN years ago. Why should it matter to YOU?” ANGELINA: “Well, I think you’re a jerk for not telling me! What ELSE are you keeping from me?” BRAD: “It’s really not important…” (She stomps out and takes a drive. Then she comes home.)

  99. Shortee says

    Wow, some people are very stupid on this blog here, at the end of the day Brad cheated on Jennifer with Angelina which is sooo sad since Angelina looks like a walking eating disorder!! she is nasty, has no respect for women or marriage, and is just a poor excuse for a woman and all her movies SUCK ASS JUST LIKE HER!! OH sorry she has no ass!! she is a walking ironing board!! Brad sure settled for the worse!! Jennifer could care less about the circus brad and angie call a family!! she looks better, is a better actress and to much woman for angie or brad to handle!!


  100. Jax says

    Sounds like a made-up story to me. Angie and Brad are together for life and neither needs to worry about the other stepping out. Beautiful couple!

  101. jess re says

    Y would she even give a shit, she got him, she’s held onto him, they have how many natural kids together as well as adopted, weathered more crap than most people do (even if they do have a damned nice life to show for it) and are still together, no huge surprise to anyone but to airhead who wrote this story and a few posters.

  102. says

    I think this article is NOT true, however if it was? I don’t think Angelina would care very much. She knows she has Brad, and the relationship he had with Jennifer Aniston has been over for a very, very long time. I don’t think Angelina and Brad spend any time talking about his past relationship with Jennifer, so I don’t see how this would come up in conversation anyway. Angelina also loves her children very much, so I don’t see her storming out and leaving all of the children behind. Just my opinions :)

  103. pat says


  104. Mia says

    wow you people are as gullible as they come….. believing everything you read in some trash mag..
    I guess if you saw that the earth was being invaded by aliens from Mars.. you’d probably go nuts….

  105. Oh Well says

    It’s fake. The story’s not true. I do recall reading that they tried to have a baby together, and fixed up a nursery and all that. They called it “the room”. That being said, I doubt that Angie will leave Brad over his past. With how they hooked up, why would it matter anyway?

  106. Pamela Mitchell says

    Se what goes around,,come around,angie took brad from jenn while they where married,,I don’t think brad and jenn ever stopped seeing each other any way,, oh well those are the breaks,,it is what it is ,,angie got all them mixed race kids what,,so whatever he does wit jenn is none of her bizzzzness,,,so,,oh well,,,brad and jen where married,,maybe they are still good friends

  107. ROFLMAO says

    I can’t tell whether it’s a good thing I stumbled on this article or not, but some of these posters and their comments are so hilarious and have me crying from laughter. The crazy award goes to Sandy though. Sandy baby you’re a hoot. But seriously, get help sweetheart. That level of hatred can’t be healthy, most especially not when it’s directed at people you don’t know from Adam.

  108. Get over it says

    Get over it people. Angie’s going on with her life and doesn’t give two figs about your hatred. She got her man and she got his kids. She has beauty, heart, brains, money and fame and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now she’s got his ring. Your hatred, jealousy and name calling doesn’t dent any part of her.

    No wonder your man left you you’re so bitter and dried up. The other woman didn’t steal him. He ran away cause you drove him away. You weren’t giving him what he needed. And he’s never coming back to you so get up off that couch, step back from the keyboard and other woman hating and move on with your life like Jen.

  109. says

    The fact that most of you are happy to believe a story written with the intention of making money from, by people you know absolutely nothing about, who in-turn, know ZERO about the people they choose to write garbage about.

    You’re all SO quick to judge and throw your 2 bobs worth in. Have you taken a long hard look in your own mirror lately?? Are you perfect?? Have you LIVED your life?? Do you think you have the right to judge these people??

    WHO CARES?!! If that IS what happened (99.999% NOT!!), why does it bother any of you?? Are you either single or married to the same person for ever?? I think not and I wouldn’t care. Would you like your whole community talking about your EVERY move based on bits and pieces they THINK they know and have it bandied around for your children to hear or your family??

    Why are you people SO obsessed and SO judgmental? Do have nothing better to do with your life, nothing positive to give back? I feel very sorry for your children, to the ones who have them! What are you teaching them by leaving vile etchings across the internet about people you’ll never know? You are ALL bullies and that is so, so sad! One day you or your child will be bullied and maybe, doubtful, but maybe, you’ll have a reality check and be sorry for your past transgressions. So many of you are so stupid, you leave your name here for all to see. This sh!t stays for good. Karma can be a b!tch and let’s hope one day you’re going for an interview or something important and you’re caught out.

    I watch movies, a lot of movies. I have actors I prefer over others. However, I could care less what they do when they’re not on my screen in a movie. I have no right to ask, no right to question and certainly, no right to judge, like all of you, hiding behind your keyboards!! You people act all surprised or again, judgmental when an actor is found dead. Why??!! Has it ever occurred to you that your hateful posts on sites everywhere CAN impact anyone? These people act for a living, they’re not bullet-proof. Every action has a consequence and when there are millions of negative posts aimed at a depressed person, it’s not going to have a good outcome, is it?

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Wake up, smell the roses and do something decent with your life. And stop bullying other people, people who have never known you nor said a bad word about you, let alone ever asked your opinion!!

    Shame on you ALL!!

  110. Bitter & Twisted is Luz Carilo!! says

    For ‘Luz Carilo’ . . .

    WOW!! I had NO idea you’d been invited to the wedding of Angelina and Brad!! Nor did I know you were on speaking terms with both Angelina’s dad and Brad’s mom and dad. Wow, you really are connected, aren’t you?! So, why are you here commenting when it seems according to your post, that they confide in you with just about everything they do??

    I strongly believe EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion because it tests us and makes us better people.

    However … that said, your comment was nothing short of defamation, written by a desolate, egotistical, obdurate and vulgar human being!! (You made need to Google those words!) I have read a LOT of posts in my time but you are the most vacuous and repugnant person I have EVER come across!

    You come across as very insecure. I say this because anyone who sets out to despoil the happiness of others and are devoid of any feelings towards others, cannot be all that content with themselves and their own lives.

    Interestingly, EVERY bitter and twisted point you made in your angry diatribe has come straight out of a tabloid. Most people (you’re an exception), know tabloids will make ANYTHING up to sell their wares. Truth and facts it seems, are not conducive to selling newspapers, magazines etc., and making their shareholders money.

    So, given your own macabre comments are based purely on such discreditable publications, in my opinion, makes you just as contemptible as they are!

    It’s SO easy to sit behind your computer screen, with your tabloid mags, and comment on people you have and will, NEVER know! You’re the type of person who couldn’t possibly say those things to anyone in person. I have no idea if you are male or female, though with the “do not covet thy husband’s” you seem quite bitter, as if some-one has left you. Wouldn’t possibly know why! *note sarcasm* What would you do if someone came up to you and spoke about your loved ones in the way you’ve done?? Let me guess … you’d be the FIRST person to whinge and wine, right?!

    I honestly hope you are single person with no children. The thought of you corrupting their little minds and turning them in the bitter, twisted person you seem to be, is a tragedy unto itself. Or, maybe you have the perfect life (doubt it), giving you cause to criticize the trials and tribulations of others.

    The only person who looks disrespectful and in need of medication, is YOU!! Grow up, act your age and GET A LIFE… of your own!! One should always make sure their ‘house’ is in order before one starts having a dissing others! Life’s too short! Being as angry and bitter as you are is not healthy, nor is it conducive to a long, healthy life.

    PS: You said in your post that even Brad’s suit was taken from the closet. Umm… where else would you expect to find it??
    Have a lovely time when they let you out for the week-end dear.

  111. *ATTENTION MODERATORS . . . says

    **Note for Moderators of Celeb*Baby*Laundry. . .

    The post by ‘luz carilo’ on 2nd September, 2014 at 2:11am, is a prime example of posts that should never see light of day. It is a worthless denunciation written by a bitter, sick and twisted person. It is neither a mature, responsible opinion, nor a post that invokes discussion. Whether it is seen as defamatory or not is beside the point. Many of us who follow your news and offer quite a lot of feedback, feel this particular post does NOT belong on your website, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Many posts have been moderated and not placed on your site for lesser reasons than this. People are entitled to their opinions, however, this person has crossed the line of respectability and decency. We feel it should be removed as soon as possible and we hope you can understand where we are coming from. The things said in that post are truly shocking and we feel this person should have their post removed, hopefully sending them a message that this sort of vulgar distaste will not be rewarded in any way.

    Thank you. Your time is appreciated.
    Group of Celeb-Baby-Laundry Fans.

  112. mssweetella says

    Are all of you really serious?!!!! All of you actually believe this cock & bull story & truly believe tha Angelina Jolie gives a good one about some baby that Jennifer Anniston never even had?!!!! Again; Are All Of You Serious?!!!! Listen & Listen to this very carefully; Angelina Jolie has the man & he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, now if that make anyone of you believe that he still loves this so-called; most beautiful woman in the world, then obviously some of you are thinking with Jennifer Annistons head & not your own!!!!

  113. Anne says

    Over the last 10 or so years , Who has had the most sexual partners, Ange or Jen.? Who has had the more successful career? Who had had an honor bestowed by the British Honor system for her work? I could go on…..

  114. UR says

    It is a big thing to be seriously with someone and they failed to mention a big part of their life one which was hidden from the media so obviously a secret or lie. It has nothing to do with Angie being crazy or jelous as obviously won him long ago and his devotion to her and love for her seems beyond compare to Jennifer ever or anyone else. Is just a trust thing he should have told her.

  115. AB says

    I would think the story is fake, Their would be no reason to get mad over this, if she did that it would be stupid. Brad & Jen were married. I am sure Angelina doesn’t want to hear about everything in their marriage. Especially since she was having an affair with Brad while he and Jen were married.

  116. Tina says

    When you decide to finally marry, your intention is to do it only once. To raise a family ( usually spoken about before you actually marry to understand what both want to accomplish from ” This agreement ” to spend the rest of your life with this one person, to know that you BOTH want the same things from ” this agreement ” or clearly it isn’t going to work or last longer than 5 mins!! From what I remember of J & B time together they seemed In Love and had it all going for them. Then comes along a known tramp, and with a fucked up life, ie: broken family, HEROIN ( not heroine ) skag head, confused and greedy as fuck as to what side she batted, man/ or woman would’ve done so long as she was getting hers. Sleeping her way through to the top I guess, ( prob anything went with her because all you hear is he’d never slept with anything like it, and being on any drugs especially heroin you lose all respect for yourself and would even sell your mother/kids for your next fix ( AND NO I DIDNT TAKE HEROIN NOR WOULD EVER ) we all know that it just takes ONE lick of this shit and your hooked, no one not even her fucking highness ( lol excuse the pun ) can avoid the addiction!! That is known probably as the worst drug you can take, as of all the facts we’ve either read about, or possibly witnessed around someone in our lives who had chosen that path, and seen the damage it causes, is YOUR CHOICE to do so and also the hardest to retract addiction. Was only a few yrs back I remember reading she was STILL on it, as I think B was worried about her. J & B were very happy & successful in they’re time together, and was talk of the town. My opinion was AJ was jealous of J ( as some women are, we all got that one person you want see fall flat, it’s just in our nature, it’s not nice but true ) and wanted the whole world to think she’s the bollocks ) that to make waves in tabloids, and switch it on her. (1) being from a broken home, ( as I was and many others ) want better for ourselves and to make better of the rest of our lives, once you fly the nest. To go and destroy a marriage and not just one, is unacceptable, whoever/what ever the reason. You just can’t justify it NEVER!!! THAT tramp WAS ON A MISSION. BP was the hot tottie at that time, his name everywhere, co starring with all the big names, she wanted a piece of that, regardless how she got it/who was hurt in the process. She was just a horrible c**t that thought about what she wanted and that was that! ME ME ME FUCK ANYONE ELSE, IF I WANNA FUCK THAT MAN, IM GOING TO HAVE IT!!! Them sort of women and they’re are a few out there, can be spotted a mile away ( nevermind the rep she already had of messing with ATTACHED MEN, in all her roles, as reported, and never gave a shit of the damage it caused to other women and they’re lives. Losing confidence in them selves, in future relationships, sticking women who have morals and respect for themselves, and to be left bitter and twisted and to ruin the possibility of never being able to have a decent relationship because, you lost all trust in men ( which obviously would cause no trust and frett about anyone going near their next man ) ie: leaving the next woman and label as OVER JEALOUS AND OVERBEARING simply because someone wanted a fucking shag, regardless of the hurt, caused. Women know ( MOST ) men are weak ( not all ) and will give in to this. That’s just how life seems to be these day, no morals, no respect for the next person, just selfishness, out with the old in with the new. I even remember bout the miscarriage, as it was all over tabloids. As having a miscarriage myself, won’t lie was fucking horrible, and even though they wanted kids as they were nearly newly wed, J probably didn’t want to rush into getting pregnant again so soon, as it’s a traumatic experience, build all the hopes and plans, to just be taken away. AJ saw her chance to get her MISSION in act, and struck. While J was grieving for her loss,NOT giving enough attention to B, he fucking melted to the skag head, she must’ve been all over him like a rash, filling in the attention he wasn’t getting from his wife, and made him feel he was special, and all the new excitement of something other than the depressing fact that he lost a child too, but in NO WAY the same effect as the it had on J or as on any women. WEAK AND SELFISH comes to mind BP was and will never be man enough to give a shit about what his wife was going through at the time. TO BLEAT ON AND CLAIM THAT NO ONE SHOULD TALK OR HAVE AN OPINON ABOUT THE WHOLE SITUATION, WHEN THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE ALL ABOUT AND GET PAID BIG BUCKS TO PUT THEIR LIFE ON SHOW, OR WE WOULDNT KNOW FUCK ALL ABOUT ALL THEYRE CARRY ONS. FAME HAS A £££ TO PAY, YOU FUCK UP, IT WILL BE AIRED THATS HOW IT WORKS!! Thought ppl in the spot light were kinda in it and are expected to set examples to the viewers regardless of sport/ TV / film industry. That’s why they’re sitting in mansions/ estates or one of their many holiday homes, GETTING PAID SELLING THEIR LIVES, and I’m in a 3 bed surviving, because I don’t want my life on show and criticised for any fuck up I do. Of course anyone these days can do the most stupidest thing, and become a Household Name, eg Housewifes from here they everywhere, arguing with their mates/associates is big viewing, it’s not a career, just everyday life… Big bucks… Some fool that’s brought out a shit tune, which is probably got a catchy tune or audition on X Factor eg CHEEKY TWINS…. KISS MY BUM OR SUMMIT ( load of shite and can’t sing a fucking note ) but hey here in Britain we all no them. Not saying fame hungry stars lives don’t go tits up but that’s usually having too much money, having everything so easily, because money is overpowering soooo much of it, they get reckless (easily done, spend some as soon as you get it then you lose your self with all the attention that comes with it and was easily earned ) they lose respect for themselves in the shite that they put themselves in trying to be the best of they’re ” Industry ” grabbing every opportunity to be advertised in some way or other good/bad then fucking moan that they’re privacy has been INVADED…. HELLO…. THATS WHAT YOUR PAID TO DO, TO SELL YOUR SOUL WHEN YOU FUCK UP EVENTUALLY OR THINK YOUR THE FUCKING BOLLOCKS AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WETHER YOUR FANCY SOMEONE ELSES PARTNER, AND JUST TAKE /DO WHATEVER THEY LIKE BECAUSE THEY CAN.. It’s a shame to ppl who enjoy what they do, are good at it and still be humble have respect for themselves and others, do good things in return GIVE BACK then some old promiscuous skag head trying to act in regions of Mother Teresa/ Princess Di being an embassador to everything she ain’t nowhere near portrayed in her whole life. Caring…. She only cares for herself!! Her Fame hungry trek is disgusting and is nowhere near someone you would want as a role model to anyone nevermind poor or disadvantage ppl who don’t know what she’s about..when B said he wanted 10 kids I’m pretty sure he meant his own ( in no way disrespecting adoption or fostering kids by no means ) But to just go and buy a couple fly them home, dump them with all the nannies/ butlers or send them to boarding schools most of the yr DOES NOT MAKE YOU FUCKING PARENT OF THE YR, KIDS MOST OFF ALL NEED LOVE, CONSTANT INTERACTION WITH ( no not Skype/phones ) but real interaction, gives a child a good start in life, balance, knowing right from wrong just comes as natural to all and to build a personality for themselves, They’re 1st biological kid, if you didn’t know the gender, would think SHE WAS A BOY, DOESNT LOOK LIKE THEM KIDS HAVE A POT TO PISS IN, as from what I’ve seen look scruffy and in need of a scrub can see they’re spoilt rotten but just crave ” mummy- daddy input 24/7 THATS WHAT GOODPARENTING IS ABOUT, PUTTING TIME IN NOT MONEY, And results are usually decent kids, with respect for others not things and able to go through life with a chance. But sorry feel for they’re kids, can see like most hired-help raised kids turn to ugly ( in nature ) spoilt attention seeking kids disrespectful in normal things in life going off the rails in later life thinking they can do what they want…. Great role models they ain’t, mums off traveling round the world showing face and dads at the bottom of the garden in a caravan smoking pot and whatever else that’s making him look like shit these days, and his shit load of porn hub keeping this so called stud from not straying again while his so called loving wife is in another country. Don’t think I’ve seen an actual photo of them where you can just see love pouring. HIS REAL LOVE AS SEEN BY ALL IN THEYRE PHOTOS AND INTERACTION AS A REAL LOVING COUPLE IS NO DOUBT JEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE JEN, SKAG HEAD AJ WILL NEVER HAVE THAT. SHES JUST KNOWN AS THE DIRTY SLUT IN THE BEDROOM, THATS WHY ALL MEN FANTASISE OVER HER. SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE’D GIVE EM GOOD HEAD WITH THOSE LIPS. THATS WHY SHE HAS DIGS STILL AT JEN, AND HE KEEPS BRINGING HER BACK IN THE EVERY FUCKING ROW THEY HAVE, DEEP DOWN HE KNOWS HE FUCKED UP AND LET THE BEST THING GO, COZ HIS DICK GOT THE BETTER OF HIM AND WILL ALWAYS REGRET SETTLING FOR BURGER THAN STEAK AS THEY SAY. SHOULDVE BEEN THERE FOR YOUR WIFE IN HER TIME OF NEED, STAYED STRONG LONGER AND SHE WOULDVE HAD YOUR BABY AS PLANNED J & B MADE OUT OF LOVE, NOT LUST.AND BEEN SPOILED WITH LOVE OF MOTHER, NOT ALL THIS SHOWBIZ PRETENCE YOU BOUGHT/DUMPED-ON HIRED HELP/PARADE ON SHOW FOR YOUR FAKE FUCKED UP CHARADE. FOR SHOW NOW AND THEN WHEN YOU FEEL TO GET YOUR UGLY MUG IN TABLOIDS, THEYRE JUST ACCESSORIES. AFTER ALL DONT THINK AJ WANTED ANY KIDS TBH TOOK HER HOW LONG TO HAVE ONE HERSELF??? Bought two kids first before having one herself, IS NOT HOW TO GIVE THE MAN YOU LOVED AND RUINED ANOTHER WOMANS LIFE ( confidence broken and dreams dashed ) WISH IT WAS TRUE JEN FROZE HER EGGS AND GAVE BIRTH TO HIS BABY. I BELIEVE IN KARMA, YOULL ALWAYS BE A C**T AND YOU WILL BE SERVED EVENTUALLY THAT HEADLINE WILL BE MOST WELCOMED BELIEVE IT. AJ WILL ALWAYS THE WHORE ON A MISSION IN MY EYES, BRAD PITT IS ALL DRIED UP, SHES GETTING OLD, AND HE WILL LUST FOR A YOUNGER MODEL HE’LL DUMP THAT DRUG RAVISHED BAG OF BONES YOULL SEE
    AFTER ALL THATS SHOW BUSINESS FOLKS!!! No excuse for anyone treating anyone like shit and wrecking dreams, so all you trying to justify they’re behaviour because your reckon they fell in love, HE WAS ALREADY IN LOVE, YOUR SOOO FUCKING WRONG AND JUST REMEMBER IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE GETS FUCKED OVER BY SOME HEROIN SLUT….. ITS OK COZ YOU /THEY FELL IN LOVE….DONT MOAN BOUT IT!!! Respect & Morals are free just gotta be strong when shit hits the fan, DONT MISTAKE LOVE FOR LUST ITS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

  117. Jennifer says

    Another Drama story about Brangelina! And who cares. They are just people. Would any of us care what our neighbor 3 streets over would think or say?? Seriously! Think about it, something like this is created to maintain interest for the celebrity in question. It is in their business plan to have continued interest created and have their name well known. Afterall, having the means to continue the lifestyle requires money, lots of money.

  118. Little Bright Feather says

    What business is that of Angelina’s anyway ? Brad and Jen were married at the time and it was THEIR busienss.
    AJ broke up their marriage, so she has no room to talk or complain. Her backround of sleeping around is historic, Brad didn’t that much. He’s a saint next to her. I frankly have no idea what Brad sees in AJ anyway.
    AJ acts as if she OWNS him like a slave. And what’s with her British accent ? I can’t stand the way she talks.
    I liked her as a child actress, but not in the past 10 years – she’s turned into a real snob. And the way she has treated her father is disgraceful ! And she is NOT pretty as everyone keeps putting out there at what a “beauty” she is. Uhg ! And she needs to gain a few pounds. She is like a stick figure. Brad is STUCK in more ways then one ! But iI won’t go into that part here. But because of her pressure, he’s signed his life away – literally.

  119. Dave says

    Look, the fact ANY OF YOU believe this is RETARDED! It shows just how dumb people in the world really are! You live for drama and have stupid opinions and you have them based on something a dumb blog or magazine would put to tantalize the reader and make them think they should really care about people they really don’t know and probably don’t know FOR REAL anyway! God! People need to grow up and get a brain!

  120. Leslie says

    angelina is trying to have a standard for her marriage about honesty and integrity when she walks around being an atheist. She has no morals or standards. How is she going to raise her brood with no morals? What a spoiled brat. She should be happy he didn’t cheat on her, instead of being so pissed off at Brad’s details of his former marriage.

  121. Michelle says

    Those of you without sin cast the first stone.

    No one ever knows what goes on behind close doors, I like all three of them.

    All of you who can’t say anything nice, be happy that no one is looking at you.

    You all sound like a bunch of unhappy people, leave all three of them alone,

    it’s their life but out.


  122. Virginia Tilton says

    There is a old saying , what goes around comes around. She needs to get over herself, she broke up their marriage.. all she is, Is a skank .

  123. Linda says

    Ok you without-a-sin haters: First of all how can you trash someone you don’t even really know? If you had any brains you’d realize most of the stuff you read is trash. If you want to believe, this says a lot about how shallow your IQ is and/or how badly marred your soul is.

    Have you grown and improved in your life? Do you travel the world speaking for the down trodden? Does it please you to trash someone?

    Who I am I to judge you, no one better than anyone else. And yes, I have more than my share of faults and sins, but I’m sick of seeing hate everywhere. How easily your are manipulated for somebody’s pockets.

  124. Lisa says

    Personally, Angie needs to get over herself. She really is not that pretty – striking might be a better word and that basically is because of her body structure – long & lean – Jennifer has it all over Angie in the looks department. I personally do not like Angie for two reasons. 1] She knew Brad was married and didn’t give a damn. 2] She is a brat and disrespectful of her father. I didn’t care one way or the other about Jon Voight where I hadn’t seen because I was about 9 or 10 I think and just wasn’t interested. Years later I was good friends with a lady that had a couple of daughters and she was good friends with AJ’s mother. One of the summers I remember Jon had AJ with him in California so in order to make his young daughter happy, he flew to NY, picked up my friend’s daughter so she could come out to CA and spend a couple of weeks with Angie. He didn’t want her to fly alone even though it was done at that time where kids would be placed on a plane and the stewardesses would look out for them until they were picked up from the airport. When her visit was over, he flew with her again to take her home. That is a father’s love for his daughter. Instant and total respect for that man and I still didn’t really know any of his work. I’ve seen some interview somewhere which AJ gave and was totally turned off. Snippy. Again, talking bad about her father. She just isn’t all that. Hopefully she won’t drown in a rainstorm. I personally believe that some people will do anything for attention [vial of blood??], tattoos [I’m not against them..] and bad behavior. It’s the business she is in but there is also personal morals and they should come first.

  125. Kyleigh says

    I don’t think this story is even true! It’s pretty clear all of them have moved on with their lives. Jen deserves a faithful guy for sure.

    Hilarity and controversy? Try checking out – FakeABaby –

  126. Cassie M says

    Seriously Star Magazine lost all credibility years ago. So called writers are wanna be’s in the real reporter world and their talent lies strictly in the make believe. Star writers wouldn’t know how to compose a real story if it was given directly to them. Losers, I’d be embarrassed to admit if I worked for them.

  127. Michael says

    Seems to me, Angelina has a thing for costars anyway and Brad should have been the first to run.

    Married her costar from “Hackers” Jonny Lee Miller then married costar Billy Bob Thornton from “Pushing Tin” then on to Brad during “Mr and Mrs. Smith”. Give it a couple more years and she will be on to another up and comer.

    • CSense says

      This story is old 2012 and guess you didn’t read the last interview Jennifer gave out about people hating on Brad/Angelina and her thinking they know what goes on behind close door. Jennifer is actually happy for Brad/Angelina and if you have not noticed, Jennifer married her fiancé Justin this year.

  128. says

    I can’t believe Brad Pitt ever left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie. Jennifer is beautiful with a good reputation and in my opinion twice the better person than Jolie. It was his loss when he left Jennifer and if I were a betting person I would say he has regretted it many times over and over. However once we make that move it’s very hard to go back and people move on so I feel sure he has made a wonderful life for himself and his family. We all have to live with our mistakes and I feel like he made a big one!

    • CSense says

      Oh please, the man was on the news on cable talking about his family/himself the charities he and Angelina supported. Jennifer is happily married to her fiancé. Do you think she would have married if she was still pinning for Brad? NO!!!. Jennifer is also happy for Brad/Angelina and have nothing but nice words to say about them. It’s obviously if you were a fan of Jennifer you would know this. I am a fan of all of them, and hoping one day Jennifer/Angelina work on a movie together. Angelina a good writer/producer and director and Jennifer recently praised her for it. She may just end up being in a movie Angelina will offer her one day.

  129. Angelina says

    Angelina is gorgeous, sensitive, and intelligent. All you haters should just shut up and open your eyes.

    • CSense says

      Exactly, I think it was very cold of them to bring it up too, something like that can only just hurt the people who went through it.

  130. HiddenTruth says

    He has a past as so do we all !! I mean he might have illigitimate children from his past… what then ? I dont see any child being a mistake because they are blessings !! Just because celeberties dont tell everything and just because they are celeberties dont mean they are open books…. they have parts of theyre lives that they may feel is private and need to hold close in theyre hearts !! I feel he should be there for any and all his children !! Just be a wonderful father to the blessings that God gives you !! Angelina is his wife, but… looks as though the child/children came first … much love to all involved… life is short and should be held close !!! Thank you, Michelle F…. :)

  131. Bibi says

    The female now married to Brad Pitt is a very strange person, so I can imagine her taking such a ridiculous stand. I wonder who she has impregnated? Not any more strange I don’t believe. :)

  132. Hans M. says

    Oh my God! ! ! I just stumbled upon this website and began to read these comments and was horrified to see what low level humanity has fallen to. I mean almost all of you should be ashamed of yourselves and are in desperate need of a life and most of all some LOVE!!!

    Be Well…

  133. anita says

    Wouldn’t it be funny if after the movie was finished ,all of a sudden a beautiful romance happens between beautiful jenny, and brad, Now that would be a sight to see. Maybe Brad will finally give jenny all the support he should have given her from day one. and see How beautiful she is . That would be something to see after the time and children have past on with the mother of the year. ha ha ha ha, then Jolie will have to learn how to be normal if that is possible good luck brad if you can do it. because JENNY AND BRAD should be together, good luck. they are two beautiful people.

    • CSense says

      Brad is very HAPPY with Angelina and their kids. Why do you think that?? Do you think he would ended his relationship with Angelina and expected Jennifer to be mom to all his six children? Maybe Jennifer never wanted kids for some reason so don’t presumed that he would go back to her and go through the same thing again. By the way, all three of them said nice things about each other recently so move on.

  134. Stacy Miller says

    Oh for gosh sakes! This article was from January 2012 as per the date on the cover. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. Shame on you using an article that old and certainly situations have changed and so have people since then. Boo o you!

  135. Michelle says

    Angie is mad at Brad for cheating on her? well what do’s she expect?? he slept with her when he was married to Jennifer Aniston. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. She was sleeping with a married man and it came back to bite her in the @$$.

    • CSense says

      The story is BS, it’s not even real if it was why was Brad/Angelina on a tv show talking about their movie, family, charities and what they intended to do in the future? Jennifer also talked about them, how happy she is for them and mostly supported Angelina’s movies that was written/directed by AJ.

  136. KNOWN FACT * says

    I know for a fact that Brad Pitt did father a child 29 years ago… he knew that he was goin to be a father. He left for Hollywood, Ca.. to become an actor. He told this young female he met on vacation in 1985, what his plans were and that he would keep in touch with her… I do know that he has not been there for that child nor the mother… its very hard to get in contact with a big celebrity … the mother has tryed …the now grown child has had no response from Brad either ! If hes such a great father, why does he not take care of all his children ? Its apparent that the mother and child havent tryd suing him for a promise of taking care of them financially, but if he is at all a good father and person.. hed do what he could to make sure the mother and child were well taken care of ! What if theres grandchildren also ? … my belief is… if he knew the protection broke and knows its a possibility that he has a child out there …he should tryn contact the mother and make sure… that was something that was meant to be !!! It has happened.. I know the mother nor child want to hurt anyone with this truth… but they shouldnt be hurt neither…! That is something that only God has any control over ! I really hope Brad will realize that he has that extented love that he is missing out on !! Its not exactly fair to the child nor grandchildren !!! Im not worried about what ppl think… because I believe !! I hope this helps make a difference for all ppl involved and in a positive way !!

    • CSense says

      How do you know it’s true? If the person is Brad’s kid than NOTHING stopping them from coming forward. They can go to a lawyer or Gloria Allred. There’s also such a thing called paternity tests. I am not going to believe the story till the person actually come forward with real proves. At the end of the day if they were offer to take a paternity test and have a lawyer back them up or don’t wanted to than we know why.

  137. says

    Brad Pitt did father a child 29 yrs ago… he met a female on vacation in 1985…. its a fact ! Its TRUTH !! He knows it…but wont be a real man and true father and try to find and contact the mother… I know her personally and the grown child also… It was in Gods plan and God will take care of this matter in his own way… thank you for listening… bless all involved in this situation… and ppl will always comment mean and cruel words toward others… just remember…. judge.. lest ye be judged !!! Have a wonderful day !! Oh… and this all did happen right before Brad left for Hollywood, Ca. To pursue an acting career..

    • CSense says

      And God doesn’t like ugly and work in mysterious way. So there’s nothing stopping the woman who claimed she had Brad’s first child. The thing is she doesn’t need to contact him directly. A few celebs this year had children coming out of the woodwork and in fact we see their first or second born looked like them. If a person was not with other people but only one than nothing stopping them coming forward. If they were with more than two people they can’t possible know who the father of their baby is. They can be accuse of leading that father, his family, friends and other people on. And for the record Brad is a good father to all six of his kids. We see pictures and live videos of him with them all the time enjoying being a father. Sometimes he’s alone with them, or with Angelina and them or his family/JA’s father.

  138. says

    Nothing these people do, faze me anymore! They have way too much time and money on their hands! I do agree with the fact how they love children. They’ve opened their home and hearts to many unfortunate ones!

  139. rosa says

    even if this si true she has no right to be mad she forgetting how her and brad got together in the first place i likew most of her movies etc but i dont like the fact she stole brad pitt from Jennifer anniston

    • CSense says

      So you say the story not true but Angelina have no rights to be angry? Do you say how that sound? It’s not true and Angelina ignored these kind of fake stories and so do Brad and Jennifer who is tired of the same fake stories put out. She’s happily married to Justin. By the way, Jennifer said in a recent interview her/Brad’s marriage already ended before Angelina came along. You can google it she gave ton of interviews.

  140. TSG says

    What is wrong with that woman
    she is Brads future, Jennifer is past history
    Angelina is very foolish and could jeopardise her future if indeed this untruth can rattle her.
    I smell a rat here. Certainly someone is trying to break the dream couple up, I wonder who.

  141. CSense says

    Some of you obviously did not read the date on that fake story as some posters mentioned. If you are fans of Jennifer, Angelina and Brad you would know they ignored these fake stories and Jennifer especially tired of some people believing in them.

  142. says

    Everyone keep saying that Brad Pitt wanted kids, but no one has said anything about the two kids he has with actress Robin Givens. From my understanding he has two boys by her and they were conceived before he married Jen. these boys should be pretty well up in age now and there’s not a lot of publicity about them maybe because Robin and Brad decided to keep it out of the news. Check things out and I”m sure you will find that they look exactly like their father.

  143. Lucella-Thetis says

    My feeling is this……You lose your man in the same manner you found your man. If your found your man, now husband while he was still married to another woman, chances are when you do eventually break up it will because the married man you married while he married to another woman is now going to be moving on to the next married woman,
    Angie…A Cheetah never changes its spots!

  144. Lea4h says

    I wound up on this page by accident, but now that I’m here, geez do people still read this garbage? And even more so, BELIEVE it? Is this mag still in hard copy print? I assumed it had vanished a long time ago along with the other trash mags.

  145. Echa Ragus says

    Poor you Jolie… sorry to say this….but anyway i hope both of you will be fine and together again…..

  146. gg says

    Angelina is such stupid bullshit! First, she is the one who’s the homewrecker!! Remember, Angie whore? You stole Brad from Jen when they were still married. You don’t have the right to get mad if they made out or have been seeing each other. Secondly, Brad is an ass!! He cheated on Jen with you when they were still married, so when you say that you can’t trust him anymore is total bs!! He’s a cheater – he did it before, why would you think he won’t do it again? Use your brain Angelina Jolie. Also, you can say this is also called “KARMA”? Do you feel it?

  147. Dave88 says

    This article seems quite far fetched. A woman as intel legend, or any woman for that fact, who would think that her hubby Brad had never had sex with another woman, being the heart throb he is, is like saying I don’t believe in Santa Claus because there no vegitation at the North Pole for reindeer to eat. Especially a woman who is as attractive, and a heart throb as well, as Jennifer Anniston. I’m sure there were beautiful women lined around the block of any place he stayed at hoping for the smallest chance that he would even acknowledge her much less invite her in and have sex. Brad and Jennifer were married and for most people, even celebrities, having a child is a part of that institution. It puzzles me why publishers would print such garbage think people will buy and read it. But then people believe such far fetched lies that politicians with no questions asked. Who really believes Clinton smoked pot but didn’t inhale or Nixons secretary accidentally erased part of the White House audio recordings that by mere coincidence contained evidence to support the charges the special counsel lodged against Nixon. It’s no wonder our founding fathers believed the average citizen wasn’t smart enough to elect a president and thus created the electoral college. I personally believe society has dimmed down Americans and schools are unable to undo it. That’s why America has dropped to #30 of the IQ levels of countries around the world behind Poland and Mongolia.

  148. Sparky Oh says

    Never liked Jolie. I have always thought she is a ‘tad bit’ mentally unstable – especially after the whole blood letting nonsense. She is an insecure diva and always will be which is frankly, pathetic. Her acting is mediocre. Obviously, not a fan. Nor, am I a fan of Pitt’s, or Aniston for that matter.

  149. Kimme says

    Ghetto trash seriously teeny boppers gtfoh if you don’t know what that mean some of you poor white trash even you white wanna be black use the word hater all the time you probably using it now ..hater don’t have a lable orva,color or an age on it with your ignorant ass its sad how racial profiling still exist and stereotyping still exist look it up in the dictionary smh
    Am I offended yes I am so i see what I can label you as an ignorant white sarcastic egotistical ass hole fucking HATER

  150. Anna says

    Loved Jen Aniston.. just wished it would have worked out for her & Brad. I don’t like Angelina Jolie. She was better off with Billy Bob.

  151. goldie says

    Who has the right to judge anyone that doesn’t want kids its Jens body if she doesn’t want kids its her right, why all the BS , if people took care of their own business I can promise they wouldn’t have time for anyone else business they be to busy with their own . Wise up I hate stupid people that don’t mind their own buisness

  152. RW says

    Aniston is a terrible actress. All she has going for herself is that stupid Duh! look she’s famous for. Jolie always was trashy and a nut case. Ask why her dad disowned her. She’s just a skinny vindictive skank now and Pitt-walked into that marriage with his eyes shut. Dumb move. Now she is using the children to torture Pitt and get her phyco way. One thing I can say is that her movies are pretty good and that’s about all. But most of these movie types are crazy anyway.RW

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