Coco Arquette Gets Her Hair Dyed Again!

Coco Arquette Gets Her Hair Dyed AgainCourteney Cox took her seven-year-old daughter Coco Arquette to get her hair dyed on Wednesday. Coco was seen coming out of the salon with straightened hair with blond highlights. This is the second time Coco has been seen with dyed hair. Last month, Courtney allowed Coco to streak her hair purple for her birthday.

Do you think Coco is too young to be dying her hair?

Coco Arquette Gets Her Hair Dyed Again



  1. jenivieve says

    way too young! at least wait till middle school! if she wants to do something fun get clip ons or something. geez

  2. Stella says

    Eh, I don’t care. I’m just jealous since my mom made me wait until I was in high school to get highlights. And even then I had to BEG. *le sigh*

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