Christine Brown Reveals Cutest Halloween Village Addition

Christine Brown

Sister Wives fans think that Christine Brown is a wonderful mom and no doubt the grandkids will appreciate her latest addition to her Halloween Village. On Monday, the TLC star took to her social media and shared that she updated the old set. Mind you, she also kept the broken bits that kids broke over the years. So, each Halloween reminds her of days gone by. But, she added something new and she thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Gets Ready For Halloween

David Woolley and his fiance live in a new house in Utah with a nice view. It also has a nice new area for entertainment. One section is specially created for the grandchildren. No doubt, her daughter Truely, the older siblings, extended family, and grandchildren will have a nice Halloween under the stars. Recently, she revealed that she already has a set of lights that she can program for ultra-spooky effects.

Christine Brown has been busy canning peaches and cooking in her new kitchen. Probably, some of those treats will be accumulating for the entertainment. When they moved into their new bare-bones home, the TLC star couldn’t with to redecorate the place. Mostly, she focused on the new entertainment area and her planting boxes. Excited about Halloween, she can’t wait for the festival to come. Hopefully, Janelle Brown and her kids might be able to join her there.

Christine Brown Shares Her Addition To Her Halloween Village

Taking to her Instagram Stories a day ago, the TLC star panned her camera around her miniature village. In her dialogue, she told fans that she really loves it. Older pieces were there, but the bits she liked the most represented her upcoming wedding to David Woolley. In the video, a little groom had a little bride, and she got so excited, reminding fans that she’s “getting married.” Next, she talked about new figurines that represent the folks who go “to the wedding.”

Christine Brown Reveals Cutest Halloween Village Addition Instagram
@christine_brownsw / Instagram Stories

Christine Brown told her Sister Wives fans that there was even a “Frankenstein get-away car.” Actually, it really does look very detailed. But, the wedding part of it thrilled her. In a high-pitched voice, she exclaimed, “It’s so cute!” Hopefully, by the time Halloween rolls around, she will have tied the knot. Nobody who watches the show is sure when they will marry. In fact, they thought it would happen during the summer.

TLC Fans Adore The Sister Wives Star

Sister Wives fans love that  Christine Brown left Kody and found real love with David Woolley. Of course, they simply can’t get enough of anything that she posts on social media. Were there any spoilers in the Halloween Village post? Possibly, she hinted that by Halloween they will be married. She said in her video as she revealed some figurines, “There are the people who came to our wedding.”

Do you think that the TLC star’s newest addition to the Halloween Village is the cutest thing? Can you imagine her happiness when she gets married to David Woolley? Certainly, she found a unique way to remember the big day. Shout out in the comments below.

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