Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Calls Up Janelle For Help

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is the favorite with TLC fans right now. In fact, it doesn’t matter what she posts on social media, they are there for it. This week, she revealed that she needed to call up Janelle for some help in her kitchen. What could Janelle do to help her? After all, Christine’s the one with the cooking show. Read on to find out.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown & Janelle Remain Good Friends

Some rumors suggested that when Christine got engaged to David Woolley, Janelle was furious and they unfriended each other. However, that turned out to not be true. In Season 18, viewers of the show can see that they are besties still. In fact, Kody even claimed that they colluded together to break up the family. Also, when Kody snubbed Janelle’s family at Christmas, his former third wife was furious with rage. Anyway, that means she can call up her friend for help when she needs to.

Sister Wives fans were pleased to see an episode of Janelle and Christine together in her Cooking With Just Christine spinoff. It was actually Truely’s mom who pretty much ran the show while Kody’s former second wife helped out. However, things were reversed a bit this week. That’s because David’s fiance needed input from Janelle to finish a project that she started. Read on to find out why that was.

Sister Wives: Crisnte Needs Janelle To Jog Her Memory

In a post on Instagram, two photos emerged of Christine in the kitchen. In one of them, she held up a jar of sliced peaches. In another one, she was diligently slicing them up. In her caption, she wrote, “Canning a few jars of peaches! @janellebrown117 remember when we used to can together! Oh, the arguments and then years later you’re the first person I call, because I can’t remember how we used to can.”

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Calls Up Janelle For Help
@christine_brownsw / Instagram

The Sister Wives star used hashtags to show that she sometimes missed the good old days. From a final photo that showed lots of jars nicely sealed, it seems that Janelle was able to recall the best way to can the fruit. TLC fans agreed that they looked delicious. Do you ever can your own fruit? Or, your grandma? Home preservation is not so common these days.

TLC Fans React

Sister Wives fans talked about how nice Christine always looks when she’s happy. However, others did talk about the canning of the peaches. One of them wrote, “I miss caning with my mom. Those were fun days. Filled with joking and laughing and singing. My mom is 80 now and immobile, but those are some of the best memories I have.”

Another follower penned, “We used to make pickled peaches at grandmas as a kid 🍑😋.”

Other fans really hope that she writes a cookbook. And, other people said they would definitely “buy it.” 

Do you think it’s rather sweet that Janelle got a call to help Christine remember how they used to can peaches? Do you like to see posts about anything and everything just because she looks so happy these days? Shout out in the comments below.

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