Tony Padron’s Twin Son Busts Up His Face, What Happened?

Tony Padron

Tony Padron shared a photo of his twins, Ace and Archer, and Sister Wives fans noticed that one of the boys had busted up his face. Tony only recently became more active on social media, so perhaps, he didn’t anticipate that people would question him about his son who injured himself. What happened? Read on to find out.

Tony Padron Posts About His Kids On Social Media

As they get to know Mykelti’s husband, they begin to appreciate that he’s a really good dad. After Avalon arrived, he started to post more about his family life. Avalon is a cute kid, fans agree and they love seeing her interact with her little brothers. One charming scene showed her sweetly playing with a twin who sported a man bun. At first, she seemed a bit shocked that she wasn’t the only apple in her parents’ eyes. Fortunately, she soon got used to it.

Tony Padron also recorded Avalon dancing around and around Archer. He certainly seemed up for the entertainment as she put on a show for her audience of one. Lots of laughter and giggles rng out. However, this week, fans heard that Archer wasn’t laughing. He busted up his face and followers want to know what happened. Some people grew quite tetchy about it.

Tony Padron Shares A Photo Of The Boys On The Back Of A Truck

When the twins’ dad posted up a photo on Monday, it showed the two boys in the back of a truck at a gas station. However, they hadn’t ridden in the back. Thank goodness, because that would be really dangerous. However, they did notice that Archer had bruises and scrapes on his little face. Mind you, the kid still managed to smile for the camera. In his caption, Tony explained what fans were looking at.

Tony Padron Twin Son Busts Up His Face, What Happened
@tonychessnut / Instagram

Tony Padron wrote, “How Archer & Ace stretch there (sic)legs on our pit stops. Also parenting option: due to lack of clean and reliable changing stations. I actually just put a blanket or towel down on the tail of our truck and change them outside.” He didn’t mention Archer’s sore little face though, so fans started wondering about that. One person grew alarmed, saying, “We just not gonna address the bruises and cuts all over his face?”  

What Happened To Archer’s Face?

One Sister Wives fan got angry with Tony Padron. They wrote, “Ok buddy I have small children and that little guys face is alarming ‼️‼️‼️ that’s way too brutal for just a baby walking fall.”

Eventually, Mykelti’s husband noticed all the comments about the busted-up face. He went into the replies and said, “…no worries. Archer just started walking. He’s not the best at it yet. So he has face planted on cement.”

Are you happy to know that Archer is walking? He looked happy, so hopefully her didn’t hurt too much when he face-planted. Shout out in the comments below.

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