Avalon Padron Puts On A Show For Archer

Avalon Padron Puts On A Show For ArcherAvalon Padron loves imaginary play, probably because she had to wait for the twins to arrive in her life. Sister Wives often see some very cute photos of her pretending that her mom, Mykelti is a dinosaur or a horse. This week, she put on a  show for Archer, and she didn’t need to pretend this time. Anyway, Archer seemed to appreciate her antics.

Avalon Padron Is Growing Up To Be A Character

When Mykelti and Tony married, they waited for quite some time before they started making a family. Avalon arrived first, and she was followed by the twins, Archer and Ace. The fraternal twins are clearly adored by everyone, including Logan Brown who was spotted holding the twins at Gwendlyn’s wedding last weekend. Actually, they reached the adorable age where they can’t walk yet, but they do get into fits of giggles. At the moment, it seems like there are a lot of happy moments in Mykelti’s house.

Avalon Padron seems to be developing a strong personality. She loves nature, and she’s a fearless child when it comes to dealing with heights. At the same time, she adores anything that resembles a princess. Now it seems that much like her young aunt Truely, she also loved drama and acting. Remember when Truely was younger, she once entertained the whole Sister Wives family by putting on a solo show.

Avalon Padron Puts On A Show For Appreciative Archer

On July 19, Tony Padron posted up some video clips of Avalon playing with her little brother. Inside the house, she dressed up. Then she ran around in circles singling. As Tony said in his captions, his son really seems to enjoy it. Actually, TLC fans are only beginning to know Tony. After he and Mykelti married, they didn’t really see him much. Apparently, it had something to do with his job. But now that he appears on the Sister Wives show, he seems to be a really good dad.

Avalon Padron Puts On A Show For Archer
Tony Padron / Instagram Stories

Avalon Padron is way better off than all of her aunts and uncles who grew up in a polygamous family. After all, fans agree that Kody was often an absentee dad. He would stay with one wife and her kids, and then move on to another one. In recent years, he mostly stayed only with Robyn. Fortunately, most of the kids, bar Truely and Savanah were already nearing adulthood by the time that happened.

A Future In Front Of The Cameras?

Avalon Padron doesn’t really spend much time in front of the cameras on the Sister Wives show. However, when the show was renewed for Season 18, the execs felt that despite so many wives leaving Kody, there was always something happening in the family. So maybe fans will see much more of Avalon in the future. Or, perhaps she will go on and become an actress, as she certainly likes to put on a show.

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