The Little Couple: Will Klein Impresses With His Moves

Will Klein

The Little Couple kid, Will Klein definitely isn’t a little boy anymore and now he impressed his followers on social media with his moves.  The former TLC star is a teenager now and has his own Instagram and TikTok where he shares about his life. If you don’t know, he turned thirteen at the beginning of this year.

The Little Couple: Will Klein Is Active On Social Media

Some TLC fans felt a little bit shocked when Dr Jen Anold, Will’s mom told them that her son created a TikTok account. Promoting her son’s account in April, she told her followers, “Hey Everyone! Check out Will On TikTok.” Not everyone thought that was a great idea and these days, some people worry about personal security on the platform. However, he remains there and often posts up reels.

The Little Couple kid seems able to post mostly fun reels and he shares other things like football games. Did you know that recently he took on a big responsibility as his football team’s manager? Possibly he’s learning about management and leadership at school. So probably he’s mature enough to navigate the platform. Also, knowing his mom, Jen, she probably keeps a close eye on what he’s doing on social media.

The Little Couple – Will Klein Has The Moves

On Instagram, Will found over 4K followers. He’s still popular despite his last appearance on the TLC show in 2019. Still, some people have problems getting their heads around the fact that he’s not a tiny little person. In their minds, he still wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. The young man now found nearly 18K followers on TikTok and they really appreciated his moves this week. When he also posted his reel to Instagram, fans liked it there as well.

The Little Couple Will Klein Impresses With His Moves
Will Klein / Instagram

The Little Couple teen danced so well, that some people praised him. One of them wrote in the comments, “❤️❤️❤️i want to see that smile will on all your videos. your (sic) my favorite.” Actually, everyone loves that big smile, something he kept from his childhood. Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “Amazing 🤩 dancer 🕺🏻 so handsome.”

Still So Popular

Nobody knows why TLC canceled The Little Couple. At first, fans thought it might be due to Jen wanting the kids to have privacy. However, Will’s sister Zoey seemed angry with TLC for stopping them from filming. As always, people talk about how they loved the show so much. One of them said, “❤️❤️❤️❤️it’s funny will this just popped up. I’m watching when you were … adopted. i watch this all the time on Tubi tv. your (sic) all like a part of my family.”

What do you think of Will Klein doing some impressive dance moves? Do you find it difficult to adjust to him as a teenager? Let us know in the comments below.

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