The Little Couple: Will Klein Takes On Huge Responsibility

Will Klein

The Little Couple kids, Zoey and Will Klein are really growing up into nice kids and now, Will is taking on a huge responsibility.

He’s 13 now and the teenager doesn’t seem too scared to stand up and perform any task. Bear in mind, that he is a little person, so many things challenge him more than average-sized people.

What’s happening with him now that makes his mom, Jen Arnold so proud? Read on and find out.

The Little Couple: Will Klein Grows Up

TLC fans who follow Doctor Jen Arnold know that her adopted son is not a tiny little kid these days. Actually, he’s officially a teenager.

While the family celebrated his birthday in New York, his mom shared a collection of photos on Instagram of him as he celebrated another year at a restaurant.

Actually, he looked so tall and strong that people might have thought that he was a fully adult little person.

The Little Couple fans saw more recently, that Will matures into a young man who cares about others. Dr. Jen shared another photo of him.

This time, he was in a hospital. But, he wasn’t there as a patient. Instead, he participated in sleep apnea research. Apparently, little people suffer from it.

Over time, it might damage the health of kids with dwarfism as well as adults. So, TLC fans liked the way that he stepped up. Now, he took more responsibility.

The Little Couple: Big Responsibility For Will Klein

On the weekend, Jen took to her Instagram and posted a lot of photos of the family. She and her husband Bill took Zoey along to a football game.

As for Will, he was playing. However, more than that, his mom said that he’s a “manager.” In her caption, she said, “Rain or shine the game must go on… Watching Will’s first #football game as the #manager on the team. Needless to say I’m proud of Will for getting out there as a member of the team as a manager- learning & celebrating.”

The Little Couple Will Klein Takes On Huge Responsibility
Dr. Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple fans sometimes speculate on what Will’s life would have been like if he’d remained in China. Fortunately, he never needs to find out.

TLC fans love that Bill and Jen gave one boy amongst millions a good chance at a great life. One follower commented, “Blessed to have been placed in your lives Although I’m sure you and Bill would say you are the Blessed ones ♥️🌟🌟♥️

Fans Comment On The Teen Managing Football

In the comments section, a fan of The Little Couple wrote, “Our son, who’s in his first year as a business and sports management major, managed both football and basketball. He got to learn filming and scoring and he LOVED it. Way to go, Will!”

Others said things  like, “Wicked awesome go will!”

What do you think of Will Klein taking on such huge responsibility as the manager of the football team?  Let us know in the comments below.

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