The Little Couple: Dr. Jen Posts Statement, Will Klein On Naughty List

Jen Arnold

The Little Couple alum, Dr. Jen Arnold obviously reads comments about the family and Will Klein came under fire recently. A few days ago, she made a statement about how she and her husband talked with their teenage son. What’s going on with the former TLC star? Keep on reading to find out.

The Little Couple: Will Kein Is Usually A Responsible Kid

Usually, fans only hear good things about the boy adopted from China. For instance, he took on a huge responsibility. Recently, his mom told her followers that he learned about leadership as his football team’s manager. Other news revealed that he also participates in studies to help little people kids who suffer from sleep apnea. But, for the first time, he got into a bit of trouble.

The Little Couple kid got a lot of praise from fans recently when he posted on TikTok. Actually, a lot of people thought that it wasn’t wise to allow a thirteen-year-old to post on the platform. Obviously, some of them thought that Jen was crazy to let him on a social media platform which is apparently not good for personal security. Mind you, lots of people went over there and started following him.

The Little Couple Alum Will Klein Ran Into Trouble

Recently, TLC fans gushed over a dance that Jen’s son did on his TikTok. They actually loved his moves and encouraged him by saying nice things. Many people thoroughly enjoyed it, especially because he ended with his brilliant smile. However, he made it onto the naughty list with the post. Not because he posted himself dancing, but because the track that played in the background of the reel really wasn’t ideal for young teens.

The Little Couple Dr Jen Posts Statement, Will Klein On Naughty List
Dr. Jen Arnold / Instagram

Soon, The Little Couple matriarch found out about it. So, she took to Instagram and made a statement. In her post, she wrote:

Will posted an adorable dance with an unfortunately inappropriate song in the background. We discussed with him, agreed to make better decisions because his social media is viewed more and that means he has a greater responsibility if he would like to use it. I hope you all will give Will some grace on this as he is like so many kids out there, new to social media and still learning.”

Comments About The Naughty List

The Little Couple fans reacted in the comments and most of them were understanding. One of them said, “Mom!! Dr Jen!! No worries. We’ve all been there! In the world we’re living in now is Extremely Challenging… to say the least. You give that sweet handsome young man a hug from all of us. I’m sure with All the love, & values you are instilling in both your Beautiful children they’re going to be Wonderful humans!! 😍

Meanwhile, another comment wrote, “What an amazing way to handle this! Good on you, Jen! 👏. Parenting teens is so hard. “

What do you think of Will Klein being on the naughty list for dancing to an inappropriate song? Are you happy that Dr. Jen and Bill Klein took quick action to teach him about responsible posting on social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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