The Little Couple: Is Will Klein Off The Naughty List Yet?

Will Klein

The Little Couple fans adore Will Klein, the son of Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband Bill. But has he been forgiven for getting on the naughty list? This week, his mom posted another photo of him and fans liked the caption. So, it seems that all is well in his world again.

The Little Couple: Will Klein Made It On The Naughty List

Not long ago, the former TLC kid posted up a dance on TikTok. And, that landed him on hot water with his mom and dad. Actually, TLC fans were shocked. Not because of what he did, but because the song in the background was of a sensitive nature. Actually, a lot of people were unsurprised because he’s young, and  TikTok has some dodgy content. In a statement, Jen told her fans that they spoke with their son and reminded him of his responsibilities to keep things clean.

The Little Couple kid usually seems so responsible and mature, that TLC fans hoped that he had learned his lesson He helps out with sleep apnea research. Additionally, he does well at school. He plays lacrosse, and he manages his football team at the moment. Surely, this young man is destined for good things. Still, what goes on behind closed doors isn’t known. So, fans hoped Will Klein wouldn’t be in trouble for too long for his TikTok indiscretion.

The Little Couple: Jen Shouts Out Her Son – He’s In The Good Books Again

On September 27, Dr., Jen posted up a photo of her teenage son smiling. Actually, he’s always smiling. It looked as if they were at a mall somewhere. As is usual these days, he powered over his diminutive mother. TLC fans still can’t get over how big the 13-year-old looks these days. In her caption, she said, “Happy #nationalsonday to my one & only #Will who never ceases to amaze me ❤️ @willklein63.”

The Little Couple Will Klein Forgiven By His Mom, Jen Arnold
Dr Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple fans instantly talked about that charming smile. One of them wrote, “I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of Will where he is not smiling! He seems like a wonderful young man.”

Another follower said, “Jen you and Bill have raised two wonderful children! It’s so hard to believe they are so grown up. I wish you guys would come back on TV you had the best show! Wish you and the family all the best.”

Fans Still Beg For TLC To Bring Back The Show

The Little Couple fans never stopped wishing that the show would return. They don’t care that the kids are growing up. They are considered amongst fans to have been one of the cleanest, nicest, and happiest family shows on the network.

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