OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Shares 8-Year-Old Throwback Pic Of The Quints

Uncle Dale

OutDaughtered fans still love Uncle Dale Mills who appeared in the TLC show with the Busby quints since it started. Now, he shared a throwback photo that showed the quints as babies, and he seemed amazed that they could already be eight years old. Best known for his humor, naturally, he made his caption sound funny.

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Always Makes Fans Laugh

One of the funniest posts ever shared by Aunt Kiki’s husband came in December 2021. It didn’t involve the quints, but it still made fans laugh. His son Bronson had a Christmas party at school, and when Aunt Kiki posted for a photo, there was a snowman, unfortunately, positioned really close to her behind. In his caption, he said, “That Snowman better watch out…” 

OutDaughtered fans also got a chuckle when Dale recently shared some Snapchat filters when he messed about with Hazel, his bestie, and Paker Kate Busby. Everyone agrees that he’s such a fun uncle and, lots of them wish their uncle were as funny as he is. Unfortunately, his days on the show might be limited in the future. Ahead of the last season, fans heard that as the kids are older now, Adam and Danielle, don’t need his help so often. However, he is at least still active on social media.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Shares Ancient Photo Of The Busby Quints

Eight weeks is old news in reality TV, so eight years is simply ancient. However, as usual, Danielle’s brother-in-law managed to make it amusing. Last week, he took to Instagram and posted a screenshot from 2015. In it, the quints sat in their tiny chairs in a half-circle around him. As for him, he looked young and handsome as well. Actually, it wasn’t easy to tell them apart. Remember when hardly anyone could tell them apart?

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Shares 8-Year-Old Throwback Pic Of The Quints
@dpmills10 / Instagram

Talking about the OutDaughtered quints, Dale wrote, “Here [is] a throwback for you guys! 8 years already, still crazy looking back at these little girl[s] and how lucky they are to have an Uncle like me, haha!” Of course, that made his followers laugh. So, one of them said, “Everyone wishes they had an Uncle Dale!” Naturally, TLC fans really hope that as the seasons roll in, they keep on seeing more of him.

TLC Fans Chatter In The Comments Section

Believe it or not, one OutDaughtered fan confidently explained, “Hazel was looking at you adoringly!” Well, not everyone could identify which one was which. Nevertheless, someone noted “And the fact that you’re talking to Hazel in this pic ❤️,” which made Dale post a laughing emoji.

Did you enjoy the ancient throwback photo that Uncle Dale shared? Can you identify each quint? Let us know in the comments below.

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