Counting On Spoilers: Joy-Anna Goes On TMI Spree On Facebook Page

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar

The Counting On spoilers reveal that Joy-Anna Duggar goes on a TMI spree on Facebook. She launched a new Facebook page and she’s been sharing too much about her kids.

Fans think she should keep some things to herself. Keep on reading to learn more.

Counting On Spoilers – Joy-Anna Joins Facebook

The Counting On spoilers show that Joy-Anna joined Facebook. She wanted to connect with her fans and followers.

However, some fans think she’s already sharing too much on social media. She already went on a TMI spree about her kids.

The user JumpGlittering8120 wrote on Reddit: “Joy starts a new FB page and it’s already an oversharing nightmare.”

Within hours of joining the social media platform, Joy-Anna wrote three posts about each of her kids. She also included photos.

She’s becoming the mom who shares too much on Facebook.

“Joy basically told predators what her kids love, what they’ve learned their nicknames etc. I’m so scared for those children. I feel like a ‘TMI, Joy’ flair is necessary for Joy at this point,” the original poster joked.

The Counting On fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. Some find it wild that each of the daughters is choosing to show their kids on social media despite growing up on the TLC series.

You would think they had a change of heart about oversharing. Jinger stopped showing pictures of her kids on social media.

Jill stepped back from it as well. Jessa still shares pictures of her kids, but she has slowed the posts down. Now, Joy-Anna is the only one who’s going overboard with posting about her kids on social media.

Joy-Anna Duggar

Counting On Updates – Duggars Never Learned Boundaries?

The Counting On spoilers suggests that the reason Joy-Anna is on a sharing spree is that the Duggars never learned boundaries when they were younger.

The kids grew up with a camera shoved in their faces. They don’t know how to live out of the spotlight, sadly. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar could be to blame for not teaching their kids boundaries.


“Children who never had their own boundaries respected often grow up stuck in that same trap. She had no privacy so she has little understanding of how absolutely essential boundaries for kids are. But that’s also her husband’s responsibility, yes?” one fan wrote.

“Oh geeze. You’d think after sending Josh’s trial, she’d be aware of what predators do with kids’ pictures,” another noted.

What are your thoughts on Joy-Anna’s Facebook page? Do you agree that she’s oversharing about her kids?

Or, do you think it’s normal for most parents? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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