OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby’s Colorful Bike Brings Questions

Hazel Busby

OutDaughtered starlet Hazel Busby seems so grown up these days. After the show went on hiatus, TLC fans missed seeing the quints and their big sister Blayke. Now that they are back, it takes time for fans to adjust to seeing six young ladies instead of five babies and a big sister. Not that fans forgot everything about them. And that raises some questions now because of Hazel’s colorful bike.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby Is Still The Easiest To Identify

The red-headed daughter of Adam and Danielle Busby retained her beautiful hair and fans love it. Not just because of its beauty, but because it makes her stand out from the crowd. All of the quints bar Hazel are blonde girls. As the others looked so similar, especially the twins, at least everyone can point out Hazel. Each year, she gets a special shoutout because of that colorful red hair,

OutDaughtered fans see that while Hazel is older, she’s still the sweet kid that she always was. While they were gone from the show, she enjoyed visits to parks, zoos, and museums with her siblings. Adam kept fans updated via his It’s A Buzz World channel on YouTube. So, fans saw that the sloth-loving kid had some fun while they were away. She visited a grumpy parrot, went on vacations, and overcame her fears. Oh, and something changed, which fans are quick to question.

OutDaughtered Family Biker Gang

This week, Danielle Busby took to her Instagram and post up a photo of all the kids on their bikes. Remember when the quints were young and all learning to ride with the training wheels? Tears aplenty flowed in the chaos. Anyway. they all survived relatively trauma-free. But the trauma wasn’t over for Hazel. She can ride her bike like a pro these days, and often does. But something happened that explains why her bike is bright purple.

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby's Colorful Bike Brings Questions
@dbusby / Instagram

In her caption, the OutDaughtered mom said, “Another meaning to “biker gang” 🤪.” The purple bike really stood out, as did Blayke’s larger red one. Actually, people liked the purple a lot. But some people were puzzled because Hazel previously had a green one. What? Does she get to change her bike every time she has a color preference? Read on to find out

The Tragic Tale Of The Green Bike

Some people clearly missed the story where the OutDaughtered kid had an accident with her bike. Fortunately, she wasn’t on it at th time. Girls will be girls, and instead of putting all the bikes away, someone left Hazel’s bike out. Not noticing it, Adam drove over it with his jeep. So, that explains why there’s a new purple bike in the life of the red-headed quint!

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